Capitol One Credit Card - upset about fes and customer service

Posted on Thursday, July 18th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 9ec19780

Company: Capitol One Credit Card - upset about fes and customer service

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From: Patrick Townson [[email protected]]

RE: Capitol One Credit Card - upset about fes and customer service

Account # 4121-7dddddd

Account Name: Patrick Townson


This regards possibly the WORST credit card outfit anywhere, Capitol One of Richmond, VA. The only address they will EVER give out at all is PO Box 85015, Richmond VA 23085. You never can actually locate them, or reach anyone in a position to make any kind of decision.

I had one of their credit cards from about three years ago. They seem to make their money on high interest fees and late charges. With a little luck (for them) their balance will go higher and higher each month despite your monthly payments. It is really a horrible outfit, and I had thought federal law prohibited the kind of usery they engage in.

My problems with them began about a year ago. After seeing the way the balance kept increasing month after month no matter what you did to pay on the account, I chose to simply send them a money order marked 'paid in full' for the full balance demanded at the time (about $78 to pay in full) and instructed them to close the account and allow no further charges of any sort on the account. I assumed that concluded my involvement with their organization, and in fact heard no more from them for about

two months.

About two months later, I got another bill saying that new charges on the account came to $125. Thinking it was a mistake I wrote them and asked for copies of the charges, etc. They responded that this was a 'fee for the credit card protection service they offer'. I told them to remove it. Of course they instead added on a $25 late pay fee and more interest. This has gone on now for several more months, with me writing them saying 'please close the account, zero the balance, nothing due'.

Their response was to send a letter saying 'pay the balance so that your account does not go delinquent.' Then one day they sent me another letter saying my 'annual credit card renewal fee was due'. I again said, 'not requested, close account, zero the balance, etc'.

They REFUSE to close credit card accounts. I guess they cannot understand why someone would not want their crummy, high-priced credit card. I have tried everything I can think of: polite letters, threatening letters, letters filled with curses and warnings. It has come to the point that every two or three weeks they write me demanding payment of the balance (now) of 178 dollars; I just write them back and repeat myself over and over.

Then they write again and repeat themselves again to pay the balance. Back and forth it goes. One day alone I got three letters from them; one was asking me to open a new account with them, one was from a mortgage office of their company asking me if I wanted to obtain a new house mortgate with them, a third one telling me once again to pay off my old delinquent balance.

Now I am rather concerned they will put me on file with some credit bureau for not paying charges that were unauthorized, were refused, were charged to my account without any signature after I had paid in full and requested the account be closed, etc., do you think they will listen to you, or pay any attention whatsoever? They refuse to with me. I am at the point I am going to begin simply refusing their mail when it arrives; mark it 'refused, return to sender' and wait for them to take action. A couple times in the saga of mail in both directions I have told them 'here is my attorney, contact him with any demands, etc'. They don't even answer that.

Thanks for whatever help you can give.

Patrick Townson

Independence, KS 67301

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0cb3ea39, 2007-11-14, 12:43PM CST

I totally agree with Mr.Townson, I asked for a pay off sent the amount and closed the account, I received another bill for 42.77 when I called they said sorry but I owed it they figure out the amount for a 0 balance and said what I actually owed was 43.11 and it would have to be received with in 5 days but still could not say it would definately be a 0 balance. I asked for a supervisor was put on hold for an hour so I used my computer phone while on hold reached a rep who told me the same thing but would not let me talk to a supervior, she stated the matter was taken care so no supervisor was needed even though I kept asking for one. She hung up on me. My friend Donna stated she paid 3 more bills after her pay off to this company and finally refused to pay another 4th bill of 20.00 and was told they would ruin her credit if she didnt pay. How do you get a 0 balance?

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