AOL - AOL - unknowingly charged for AOL Netmarket and AOL Creditalert with knowledge - wan refunds

Posted on Tuesday, July 16th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 220a8c8c

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I just got off from being on-line with a AOL on-line service rep. Who couldn't help me with my problem that I am having with their service. What kind of service is that when they can't even help you with the problems you are having with them. AOL has nicely been taking money out of my checking account without me knowing about it until I receive a bank notice saying that my account is overbraw and will be charged $17.00 for the bounce protection I have to pay the checks that I wrote and know about.

So far I have had to pay $187.00 dollars in overdrafts charges and AOL will not pay for them. I have asked them Why and nobody will give me a straight answer. One of them told me that my bank should have to credit me back, well my bank isn't at fault AOL is. I would like to know how a company can take money out of your checking without telling or letting you know first without your permission in letting them do so. I will never go for the AOL free trail periods again. And I hope nobody else does either because I would hate to see someone else going through all this.

They have services that are offered to you which are AOL Netmarket and AOL Creditalert which both take out of your credit card/checking account without you knowing about it. I have been charged twice in the amount of $79.99 for AOL Creditalert and once for $69.99 for AOL Netmarket. And also $28.90 for AOL online service. These are all seperate services with different phone numbers and different policies all of which I haven't received anything about let alone when they are going to start taking out for these services and letting me know by calling me to ask if I would like them or not.

I have called all three services and I will not be credited back for all this until they can (7-10 business bays is what they told me). Meanwhile I have no money in my checking account and I still have one outstanding check and my debt card is being (hot carded so that they can not take from that anymore and my checking will be having a hold put on it against AOL which will cost me $12.00) and I am still out the $187.00 and whatever charges I have up until this Friday when I get paid again too which I don't believe I will have a pay check left to do anything for another two weeks because of all these problems AOL has caused me. If they are supposed to protect me from this them why are they the ones creating all of my credit problems?

Can you help me get this money back from them and to stop them from doing this to other people who are getting AOL free trail right now, who don't know about how they operate as far as taking money out of your credit card or checking accounts without you knowing about it, since they don't send out monthly billing statements (your statement from them is on your checking account or credit card account billing is what they told me), but when they take the money out is what they don't tell you until you either receive or bank notice or statement. (which both will show overdraft charges on them)Please help me with this matter. I have no other way to get this money back that is rightfully mine.

Sincerely, Becky K


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