1990 Honda - upset with repair recommendations made by Honda Accord, of Bradenton, FL

Posted on Sunday, July 14th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 10e5a494

Company: 1990 Honda - upset with repair recommendations made by Honda Accord, of Bradenton, FL

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RE: 1990 Honda - upset with repair recommendations made by Honda Accord, of Bradenton, FL

I have a 1990 Honda Accord which I purchased January 26, 1990 from Honda accord of Bradenton , I feel that my car is a well kept up car, I am the only driver, the only times that I take my car to Honda is when the relay switch goes bad and the car is slow to crank, this is what happened to my car 6/13/02 this is the only problem that I ever have as far as the mechanics of the car.while having the relay switch replaced I asked if they would replace the radiator fan and the antennae, my bill came to a total of $606.02also at the same time I was given a run down of all of the other things that supposely wrong with the car which I would have done as

the money became available, these were their recommendations:

Evap core leaking....$682.00

valve cover gasket leaking, with wires 144.00


power steering pump leaking=196.00

left front engine mount...168.00

Dist oring leaking...156.00

rear brakes with rear wheel cylinders 298.00

oil leak behind timing cover 841.00

cv boot leaking 156.00

oil pan gasket leaking 209.00

2 tires and align 252.00

my car is parked in my garage and is driven very seldom as we have two other vehicles, there is indoor/ourdoor carpet in my garage and the carpet was bone dry after returning home from Honda of Bradenton and checking the carpet.

I drove the car a couple of times after the repair work was done and parked the car in my garage, the next time I got in the car to drive I had no play in my clutch and the gear shift would not budge, well I was not surprised because this was not the first time that I had taken my car to Honda and the master cylinder and clutch had failed this was the second time even though I had no previous problems with my clutch

at any time, the first time it happened the dixie grand tow truck came to my door and took my car to Honda I was not charged,

I felt that something had been done to the car to cause this problem, when I told the present mangement about how this same thing had happened to me before when I bought the car in for repair work they denied it by saying they had no record of any such thing ever occurring to my car. on june 17 I returned to the car to Honda and was charged 294.00 for towing and repair work. on july 12th on my way back from bradenton to sarasota Suddenly my clutch went out at 6:30 in the evening ,

I finally got my car in the first gear and managed to get home in a blinding rain, I believe that Honda Accord of Bradenton at the expense of unsuspecting consumers are lining thier pockets by causing problems too have thier customers bring thier cars back in for repairs which they have caused, I knew that my valve cover gasket was leaking and needed to be replaced but I was warned of at least seven leaks but never warned of the leak in the master cylinder which they say was not a leak that they could detect only untill the problem happen.

I had stopped taking my car to Honda because of the problems that I encountered with them since 1999 but decided to try them again in 2002 only to find out they are still up to their same old tricks.I want to know what are my rights in this matter even though I never want to take my car to Honda again. Thank you


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