Closet World, Whitter, CA - poor installation experience - collection letter sent to consumer

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Company: Closet World, Whitter, CA - poor installation experience - collection letter sent to consumer

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RE: Closet World, Whitter, CA - poor installation experience - collection letter sent to consumer

The following is a copy of the letter we sent via email to this woman at Closet World who sent us a letter stating she had tried NUMEROUS times to contact us to arrange to have their installers return to finish an incomplete job. We had absolutely NO response to this letter. This company is rude, incompetent and inconsiderate of its customers. Cynthia Collections Dept. Closet World 4-3-02 This is in response to your OUTRAGEOUS letter we received by registered mail yesterday. HOW DARE YOU send us that insulting threat after the disgusting display of incompetence we have been – and continue to be -- subjected to by your company. First, your statement that the letter was being sent after you made "numerous attempts" to reach us by phone is an outright lie. You have the number of our home phone which is equipped with a very dependable digital answering machine which we check regularly.

You have the direct number of my wife’s work phone that sits on her desk. It also has very dependable voice mail which she checks numerous times a day. You should also have my work phone number which has a very dependable answering machine that I check regularly as well as a referral to my cel phone number which is always on when I am away from my office. "Contact this office within 10 days of the receipt of this notice to set a date for completion of service"? Really, now! Give me a break! NOW, READ EVERY WORD OF THIS CAREFULLY!!! On February 25, 2002, my wife and I contracted with Closet World to have a wall unit built for a small office in our home in Camarillo, California. We arranged to have it installed on March 15, 2002. We were told that the installers would arrive between 11:00AM -1:00 PM. The day prior, my wife contacted the Designer/Project Manager to determine a more accurate time and was told to call the Customer Service office in Whitter, California, where the installers are located. On Friday, March 15, at about 8:00 AM she called Customer Service. The woman who answered the phone told her that the supervisors do not arrive until 9:30 and they would call her then to give her a more accurate time for the installation. At 10:00 AM, my wife again called Customer Service. At that time the woman told her, after consulting with someone, the installers would arrive between 12:00 noon and 1:00 PM. At 2:24 PM my wife called Customer Service again to let them know that the installers had not arrived and to ask what the hold up was. After several minutes a supervisor named Rudy came on the phone to inform her that he was trying to find out where the installers were.

There was a distinctive noise in the background. Again, my wife was put on hold. He returned to tell her that the installers would arrive "in about 40 minutes" making the arrival time approximately 3:10. He was also claimed, "he was sending an extra crew so the installation would not take as long." When they finally arrived there were two installers. What’s a standard crew? One? That was a flat out lie! By 4:30 PM no installers had shown up and so my wife called Customer Service again. This time she was put on hold for about 15 minutes. During the wait the phone was picked up 2-3 times and a few seconds later put back on hold. Each time the phone was picked up she heard that same distinctive noise in the background. We think it was the supervisor hoping she would get tired of waiting and hang up. Finally he came on the line and said the installers would "arrive in about 20 minutes." At 4:50 the doorbell rang. The installers had arrived -- four hours late. When my wife confronted the Lead about being late, he said, "We had a flat tire." Never, in this day of cel phones, have I heard of it taking four hours to change a tire, even if a service truck had to deliver a tire on the freeway. My wife told the installers that it was too late -- that she had rearranged her entire day and was not going to change her plans for the evening. My wife called the supervisor at Customer Service to tell him about the conversation she just had with the Lead installer. He never once apologized for their lateness, but asked if they could go ahead and do the installation claiming that it would "take only two hours." Against her better judgment, my wife relented. When she went to the door to let the installers in, she told the Lead what the supervisor said. The lead said, "He lied. It’ll take more than that." Apparently this supervisor is a consistent liar. This must be a requirement for employment at your company. The last straw was that an hour later the lead installer came to her and said they would have to come back another time because they didn’t have all the materials they needed and that they were booked and could not return until Saturday, March 30 -- TWO WEEKS LATER! After raising hell we got an agreement to finish the installation on Thursday, March 28th and gave us an arrival time of "between 10 and 11 AM" This time I would have to take time away from my work to baby-sit these guys. On the scheduled day 11 AM came and went and at 11:25 AM I called Closet World’s customer service asking where their installers were. I was told they would be there "about 12 o’clock (noon). This time the installers actually arrived at 12:16, only an hour and 16 minutes late. Upon questioning their lateness again I was told that the crews work out of City of Industry and had three other stops before coming here. And the saga continues. At 1:12 PM, Gustavo, the lead installer who appeared to be a very capable and conscientious young man, called me in to tell me there were still several pieces missing. He explained that the previous installers failed to list all the missing components so they were unaware of the shortage. I was shown the report left by the previous crew and the oversight was obvious. Now for the next episode in this ongoing example of gross mismanagement. After Gustavo and his partner, Ismael left, I called their supervisor, Gonzalo, and explained the problem to him. He was already aware of it because the installers had called him and explained it. He scheduled their return to "complete" the job – another foolish assumption – the following Monday – April 1st – and yes, it truly was April FOOLS day. I requested Gustavo and Ismael return to complete the job because it appeared they might be the ONLY people in the entire company who were not incompetent and I was assured they would. I also asked if we could please be the first stop so that I could at least get some work done for my client later in the afternoon. I got only a mumbled non-answer. On Monday the installers arrived – late again. It turned out to be a combination of Ismael and ANOTHER installer. My husband asked where Gustavo was and Ismael said, "Tijuana." So we were lied to once again. Is there anyone in your company besides Gustavo and Ismael who are not liars? Ismael and his partner set to work installing the new pieces. An hour or so later, Ismael came to me to ask where we wanted the shelf that was supposed to go over the window. I went to look at the shelf and stared at it in disbelief. In its correct location it didn’t line up with the rest of the cabinetry. When the contract was made, the saleswoman was told the shelf over the window should be 12" below the standard 8’ ceiling and line up with the top of the cabinets.

Instead, the shelf and the top of the cabinets were 16" below the ceiling and lined up with the center of the venetian blind valance at the top of the window! The cabinets were only 78" tall -- 6" too short! When the saleswoman made her elevation drawing she failed to indicate the total height of the cabinets and then screwed up the specifications of the individual components so they didn’t total 84". The entire upper cabinet work now has to be remade. We noted one more mistake – one of the back panels was cut with the grain running horizontal as opposed to the vertical grain of all the rest of the panels. Ismael noted that too would have to be replaced. You people have left our house in a mess with a half completed job – THREE TIMES! We have suffered extreme frustration and a substantial loss of income dealing with your incompetence, sloppy management, rudeness and lack of consideration for your customers. And you have the nerve to send us a letter threatening to list us with Experian within 5 days for a balance due "upon installation." Well, get this: IT’S STILL NOT DONE!! Now, let me tell you what we expect: My wife has a business out of our house that depends on internet service with her computer which she was unable to perform. I have an ongoing consulting job that is billed hourly. So far, you have caused each of us to lose a full day’s work and I will have to lose ANOTHER days work to have the job completed – and that’s making the wild assumption that it is actually finished the next time. For your information, we plan to deduct two day’s pay for me at $100 per hour times 8 hours ($1600) and one day for my wife at $75 per hour times 8 hours ($600) from your bill for a total of $2200. That means you owe us $1,058. Contract amount : $2,283 Less loss of income: $2,200 Total price: $ 83 Deposit: $1,141 Less total price $ 83 Total refund due: $1,058 My wife charged the deposit to her credit card at the time we signed the contract, so she called her credit card company to cancel the payment. Of course, it had already been posted, so she will appeal the payment with a claim for the refund of the above amount. We are filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and The Bureau of Consumer Affairs to wit: Closet World failed to act in good faith. You did not live up to the contract by failing to deliver in a timely manner.

Your employees have consistently shown up as much as four hours late, arrived without all the materials or with incorrectly made materials because of incompetent sales people and would not agree to finish the job in a timely manner (putting us off for another two weeks). Further, be advised that any additional harassment on Closet World’s part for any reason will result in our turning the matter over to our attorney. Richard and Joyce Studebaker, client #2870963


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