Crazy Kenny, Custom Computer Warehouse, Sawmill Road - trouble with computer and service

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by f96c20ea

Company: Crazy Kenny, Custom Computer Warehouse, Sawmill Road - trouble with computer and service

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RE: Crazy Kenny, Custom Computer Warehouse, Sawmill Road - trouble with computer and service

I ordered a computer from Crazy Kenny - Custom Computer Warehouse on Sawmill Road on May 24. I paid for it by check and my check cleared in four days. I did not get the computer until May 30 as it was not ready. I brought it home, hooked it up and it would not turn one. Finally got ahold of them and did get it on but it made horrible noise. It kept saying there was not enough memory.

Also the Real Player kept coming up and didn't work. Took the computer back on Saturday morning, June 1. Got computer back on June 3. Still did not run right. Keeping making beeping noises, was running very slow. Ran scan disk and defrag and it knocked out everything.

Took back to shop. They had it five days. Called and said they could find nothing wrong with it. Went it to pick it up and asked them to hook it up so I could see if it worked. It ran scan disk and then when the screen came up it was white and nothing would work. They said they would fix it but decided it has been in too many times.

4 times in less than two weeks. Asked for my money back. Invoice says refund in 14 days. That was on 6/18. Kept being told check was in mail or had been mailed. Finally got a portion of what I paid for the computer by way of a check today. They say it took ten days to go 7 miles. They said they charged a restocking fee because the computer was not defective.

What do you call being defective when it had to be taken back 4 times in two weeks. I know Ohio has a lemon law and I plan to check that out. People should be made aware of this company and their unethical practices. Hope there is something you can do about this.

I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office. I have kept all my invoices and record of phone calls.

Connie Rowe


b3f233d7, 2010-02-19, 01:37PM CST

Crazy Kenny's once again ripping off another person. Two used laptop computers was purchased and taken back within a couple of days, they kept the computers for 5 days. Once again when both computers was used neither was working properly including some of the keys on the keyboard. Kenny himself said the products were working when they went out the door but that was not the case. I offered to spend more money in the store so long as he would give a full credit and he refused but instead offered 100.00 less on his products that he sold that was under warrenty still and had not been used due to not working from the beginning. His words was not his problem and he would just resale them for a profit again. If this is how this man makes money then I don't plan to do business there anymore. I would suggest going somewhere else.

d5284fbd, 2014-01-23, 03:34PM CST

Bought a computer and peripherals from the sawmill location about 10 yrs ago. It never worked right. The scanner they installed kept shutting down the system. When I took it in for repairs it wouldn't work at all, and when my brother looked at it he found connections that they had not hooked up to the motherboard. I am surprised they are still in business. They may be inexpensive but you get what you pay for.

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