2002 Volkswagon Jetta - left 8 days and car was 'dead' - convenience module was bad - poor service

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 849d47d8

Company: 2002 Volkswagon Jetta - left 8 days and car was 'dead' - convenience module was bad - poor service

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Complaints.com received the following consumer message on July 10, 2002:

From: Latka, Amy [[email protected]]

RE: 2002 Volkswagon Jetta - left 8 days and car was 'dead' - convenience module was bad - poor service

Attached is a letter that I am sending to VW about their poor customer service. It details out an experience that I recently went through. Needless to say I am disgusted! I am writing this letter to inform you of the numerous problems I have been having with Volkswagon North America. My experience with your customer service department has been less than satisfactory. I recently experienced a death in my family (my father) and was in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for 2 weeks with my 10 week old 2002 Volkswagon Jetta.

I knew that I had to return home to the Lower Peninsula, but would be returning to the Upper Peninsula in another week, so I left the car in the garage to sit for 8 days, not wanting to put unnecessary miles on the leased vehicle. When I returned to the Upper Peninsula, the vehicle was dead. Roadside assistance towed the vehicle 80 miles away to Escanaba, MI (Halbinsel Volkswagon). I had to drive my mother's vehicle back to the Lower Peninsula.

The vehicle was towed on July 5, 2002 and until I called the dealership (Halbinsel) in Escanaba on July 8, 2002, I had not heard anything on the vehicle. I finally called the dealership to find out what had went wrong with the vehicle and they informed me that the convenience module was bad. Apparently this controls the electronics for the entire vehicle.

As to why this module would be defective after 10 weeks of use is beyond me. I am now in the Lower Peninsula and simply asked them to tow the vehicle back to my mother's residence. Now that my father has passed away, she is alone and should not be expected to find a ride to the dealership in Escanaba to get the vehicle.

Volkswagon has refused this request which surprises me considering the fact that I had heard nothing but good things about VW customer service and the quality of VW vehicles. I do not feel it is my family's responsibility to pick up the vehicle 80 miles away.

The car was brand new and there is no reason for a problem such as this one. As far as I am concerned, for what I paid for this car, I shouldn't experience any problems with it, especially after 10 weeks of ownership!

I am highly disappointed in the customer service coming from both your dealerships and your customer care hotline. I had left a message at Vyletel Buick & VW Dealership when this first happened to make sure that I was doing the right thing by having the vehicle towed.

I wasn't sure if the alarm had tripped and caused this. I never even received a return phone call from their service department. I also shouldn't have had to call the dealership in Escanaba (Halbinsel) to find out what is wrong with the vehicle. They should have contacted me. I also spoke with someone from the VW customer care hotline and they were going to look into the situation and call me back. The phone call was never returned. Your customer service is terrible.

I am sorry to say that I have just leased my first and last Volkswagon vehicle. Leasing this vehicle came as a recommendation from numerous different VW customers, and I intend on letting each of those customers know about my recent experience with VW. I will make sure they know how poor VW customer service is and hopefully they will realize that they should not lease another VW.

I thought VW was better than this! At this point, I want to make you aware of the fact that I will not be paying for any extra miles put on this vehicle due to my having to find a way to pick this vehicle up. Please make note of this in my lease agreement. I expect that someone will be contacting me regarding this immediately! Amy


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