Day's Inn - Days Inn, Mesa, AZ - charged $ 89.00 for one night, but was staying at Days Inn, Tempe at the time

Posted on Thursday, July 11th, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by bcfc39cf

Company: Day's Inn

Location: MESA, AZ, US

Category: Hotels

In March 2002, I called the 800 number of Days Inn to investigate the availability of rooms in conjunction with pro baseball spring training in the Phoenix area. Days Inn’s 800 operator indicated two nearby franchisees ? one in Mesa, the other in Tempe. Since I was unsure which location would be more practical, the Days Inn operator proposed that I pencil in both dates, but since neither date was officially booked, additionally proposed that I would need to confirm my preferred date five days before my anticipated one-week stay in April.

At that time, she asked for my credit card number, but assured me that it would not be used until I had actually determined, reserved, and booked my location of choice. In early April 2002, I called the 800 and confirmed the motel in Tempe for a one-week stay. In May 2002, I received my credit card statement, which showed two charges: nearly $700 for my one-week stay in Tempe, and $89 for one night in Mesa. Incidentally, the date of the Mesa date overlapped with my stay in Tempe. I soon discovered that, in spite of what Days Inn’s operator had told me, and in spite of my overriding confirmation of the Tempe booking, I was now being charged for my " tentative reservation" in Mesa, which overlapped with my stay in Tempe. I had expected the Days Inn customer service folks in Aberdeen, North Dakota (1-800-441-1618) to be understanding. After all, why would someone need to book two motel rooms in two different locations on the same night? However, between promises of "we’ll investigate," attempts to shuffle me off to their Mesa franchise (with whom I had had no previous booking discussions), and ultimately a "we are unable to extend a refund" form letter, my claim (#1181741) was relegated to the hopper on July 9, 2002. On that date, in my discussion with 800-customer service supervisor Sherry King, Ms. King refused to consider the possibility that her 800 operator could have possibly erred while taking my original pair of tentative reservations. She remained rigid and unwilling to understand the case, all along knowing that I spent $700 (on the same night and beyond that conflicted with the Mesa booking) in Tempe.

Considering the circumstances, I find this behavior appalling, and will personally boycott Days Inn with family and friends until my case is resolved and my $89 refunded. Furthermore, I suggest that everyone be quite leery of Days Inn, and in particular their 800 number operation, which seems quite capable of spitting out erroneous information again and then, while going unchecked or unquestioned, will bite someone else. -- Marty

San Francisco, CA 94122


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