1999 Turbo Beetle GLX - have experienced that it is costly to maintain and is unreliable

Posted on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002 at 12:00am CDT by 4f077d58

Company: 1999 Turbo Beetle GLX - have experienced that it is costly to maintain and is unreliable

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RE: 1999 Turbo Beetle GLX - have experienced that it is costly to maintain and is unreliable

I live in the Denver, Colorado area. I purchased my First & Last Volkswagen in May of 1999 which is a New Beetle. It was a great car except it has become too costly to maintain and is unreliable. I had all the recommended servicing accomplished. My first 40000 miles was un-eventful except the spoiler occasionally sticking in the deployed position and the VW service department leaving the lug nuts loose 2 times which caused me to change service departments. On the trip home after the 40000 mile servicing: the check engine light came on. Since that event, my third year of ownership has been an expensive nightmare. This VW has taught me to sign up for the extended warranties, which I didn't believe in when buying quality products. My confidence in what/who is a quality product manufacture, has been shaken. The car now has 50000 miles. In the last 10000 miles the check engine light came on twice costing me $600 each event. 1 Mass-Flow Sensor & 1 Secondary Injection Pump. Not to mention the inconvenience of taking it back to the service department for 2 no-charge events to reset the oxygen sensor. I believe the service departments troubleshoots a problem by changing parts because they really don't know how to fix a problem, this is at customer expense. I believe they replace defective/unreliable components with more defective/unreliable components. The car has many frailties, it is falling apart & it has been garaged, well protected. The glove box latches are defective, the hood latch is broken, the window switch is defective, and the sun-roof mechanism leaks oil/water residue onto the gray cloth headliner & curtain is broken. The car is a road rock magnet. It cost $500 to have the fog-light lenses changed, they have to remove the front-end of the body. The windshield cost $700 to replace. After I wrote to Volkswagen of America, they shared in the cost to replace the Secondary Injection pump, but it is a pain and time consuming to coordinate these repair issues. I haven't driven the car for 4 months, I'm afraid it will break again & cost me more money. I have been trying to sell it, many dealers don't want it. I paid $25000 for the car, $5000 over MSRP because the New Beetle was hard to get. Internet prices indicate the car is worth around $11000. I'm not sure if this is normal depreciation or if it because of the bad reviews. My total confidence in VW is at "Zero". To add to this; My daughter bought a new Passat. It has chronic electrical problems, the dash-board light flash & she has had to replace about 9 tail-light bulbs in the 16 months of ownership. The service departments tell "her", it's because it has been so cold outside. I know & you know this is bologna. I believe VW's have electrical problems after reading the reviews about fire & smoke in the cockpit. Don't buy a VW is my recommendation. Turbosmike

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3de17dc5, 2008-03-18, 09:08PM CDT

I would like to add in turbomike comments that yes these are true. I'm a mechanic at an automotive in Dallas, TX. We are a specialist at dianogising electrical and the number one electrical problem is, you guess it, Volkswagon. Common lines in the volkswagon 1.Jettas 2.Passat 3 Beetles. VW are plague with electrical problems. Most common are sensors. Somehow I feel VW make cheap sensors that aren't reliabe at all. But I admit the are comfortable to ride since i test many to make sure "check engine" light doesnt come on. But anyways if your thinking about purchasing a VW think twice and be prepare for cost in electrical repair.

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