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Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by 081eea07

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RE: Customer Service (KMM7339426V27401L0KM)

Dear Carlos Customer Service Department obviously needs to do a lot more to meet

customer expectations in my case or to the name of the department. One would

expect that I would be third time lucky but no, yet another reference point.

I pretty much (apologies for the blunt/rudeness) do not care whether/why

your department cannot call out and have not and will not be calling the

other number you advised. I would advise that I have already instructed my bank to reverse the charges

on my credit card and have this message and world as

witnesses to your organisation/partners not providing the service I paid

for. Ahmed Arbee

Tel. 1 703 918 3461 ----Original Message Follows----

From: Priceline Long Distance Customer Service

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sandra g., 2013-02-10, 12:25AM CST

i have tried to send an email over and over..u probally want receive this one either...i have also been on hold for over 2 hours...i do not understand as i have owned more than one business and if i conducted business like priceline does i would be sued or lose it...

i use anytime i travel...or have...

my home was broken into...about 25,000.00 of property was house key, my car key was also vacation package trip is to start on 2-11-13 to 2-18-13...i am terrified to leave my home at this time as i have not been able to change the locks etc...

please allow me to cancel this vacation package, vacation package now resulting with no penalties, charges...i do not care if u keep the money at priceline...i need to go home to nshville asap...i just need time to take care of the issues at hand...

on my priceline my trip no, is 187-073-850-10...the first rep. i talked to i failed to get his profile no..2nd jake 5260225 or 5205225...3rd paris yy...

no one should have to go thru this...615-300-3053...[email protected]

please contact...

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