Automotive, 1996 blazer drexcool causing havoc on vehicle

Posted on Saturday, July 28th, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by 18217aac

Company: Automotive, 1996 blazer drexcool causing havoc on vehicle

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Subject: Dexcool mess in '96 Blazer Radiator


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7/26/2001 3:07:40 PM Dear Chevrolet:

I am curious to know if GM ever responded to your complaints in regards to the dexcool causing havoc on your vehicle. I too am a victim of dexcool. I have a '96 blazer that the system was flushed at 60,000 miles and I was given a clean bill of health, 17,000 miles later I had the same dealer do a 27 point inspection on my car because I was going on a long road trip. Again I was given a written clean bill of health that specifically stated the radiator and coolant system was checked and found to be in great condition. 2 hrs into my trip I'm stranded with a blown radiator and heater core.

The rusty sludge that was in the radiator and overflow tank was disgusting.The radiator cap was completely crusty and rusted. There is no way it could have passed inspection. Now the dealer wants no responsiblity for the damage, and neither does GM. If I had been told there was a problem that needed to be watched out for as in faulty radiator caps or special instructions that were needed to keep the corrision from happening I would have done so. But the dealer kept this a secret and the manufacturer never sent letters outlining the special care needed to prevent this from happening.I would like to know if anyone has successfully been able to get any compensation for these problems.


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