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Posted on Saturday, July 28th, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by a6ac542e

Company: Pepboys

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RE: Pepboys

Store 0268 - 135 S Academy Blvd., Coloardo Springs, CO

These guys messed up my throttle controls at the end of April. I have been out of town and unable to return the car to the shop and I also work nights. I called to ask if I could get my car in for service and told them I needed it back by noon so I could get to work. They told me to bring the car in since it was still under warranty.

Got to the store on North Academy Blvd in Colorado Springs and guess what. This woman with overly padded boobs was doing her stretching exercises in front of the personnel in the service department and obviously knew some guy in parts because he came running over to greet "miss chest". They got her air conditioning problem in without hesitation!!! Oh man!!! They couldn't wait to help this woman out.

It came to me and oops, got too many in ahead of me, can't get the car back to me today, too bad, so sad.

Called Pep Boys Customer Relations, well, they are so sorry but maybe I could get up at the crack of dawn after I've worked all night tomorrow and bring it in then, maybe they could get it in then.

Jim and the boys at this Pep Boys operation get a big Boo Hiss for being over sexed and under interested in their customers and their warranty work. If the warranty work is as bad as the initial work on the car... you'd better just buy another car and by pass this bunch.

C Hesslink


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