Potty Putter - Stores, purchased on TV - Potty Putter did not receive product

Posted on Saturday, July 21st, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by e282d19e

Company: Potty Putter

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Complaints.com received the following e-message on July 20, 2001:


RE: Potty Putter

Yes, I'm embarrassed to admit that I ordered something with the name Potty

Putter, but when I saw it advertised on television, I thought it would make

a great gag gift for my father for Father's Day. I ordered the putter on

June 10th - a week before Father's Day, and asked for special rush guarantee

delivery for Father's Day at an extra charge. Father's Day came and went

with no Potty Putter. This was upsetting not only because I had

specifically requested it to be delivered in time, but also because I had no

gift for my dad that day. I checked my credit card statement, and the

putter had been billed June 15th. I called them up to complain about the

late delivery, and they assured me that I would not be charged the extra

delivery charge and that the putter was on it's way. Two weeks later, still

no sign of the Potty Putter. I called again. The putter was shipped on

June 27th...10 days after I was told it was on it's way. It is now July 20th. My father has still not received his gift. Father's

Day is long past, and the gag is certainly lost. I called yet again to find

out what is going on with this item and to cancel my order. Now they tell

me there was a mix up in the warehouse and they had to refile the paperwork

and my Potty Putter was just shipped out this week (not June 27th)....now a

full month and a half after I placed the order. Since it was just shipped

out, they cannot cancel the order. They told me to simply return the

package unopened for a full refund. Problem is, I have to receive the

product before I can return it, and at this rate I'm not sure that day will

ever come. What really disturbs me, is that at no time during this process

has the company contacted me to inform me of the delays and to give me the

option of cancelling the order. I've just been left to wonder if I've paid

$26.98 for a gift that will never arrive, and been forced to call repeatedly

to talk with rude customer service reps who assure me that it's "on it's

way". The whole experience has been embarrassing and frustrating. I did however

decide to take action in another way. I decided to dispute the charge

through my credit card company, and I decided to file this complaint with

complaints.com. :) I feel empowered knowing that I've taken measures to

protect myself in this situation, but I would rather have not gone through

it at all. Thanks for listening!

Christine Schwalenberg



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