Stores, Home Center - Home Depot, Ellicott City, Maryland very dissatisfied customer

Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2001 at 7:30am CDT by 7b8c818e

Company: Stores, Home Center - Home Depot, Ellicott City, Maryland very dissatisfied customer

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Ellicott City, Maryland store

Home Depot


Date: Tuesday, July 17, 2001 07:30 AM Chairman

The Home Depot

2455 Paces Ferry Road

Atlanta, GA 30339 I am a very dissatisfied customer! On Tuesday, July 10, I went to your Ellicott City, Maryland store, #2566, to shop. Starting in the lawn & garden section, I moved across the store and stopped at the tool section prior to going to the lumber section. I picked up a bench grinder and took it to my cart in the main aisle when the tool cashier (a woman) rudely told me I couldn't take that out of that section without paying for it. I told her that I was not finished shopping. She replied that I could leave the grinder there , finish shopping, and then return to check out.

Her attitude, and the fact that I would have to retrace my steps in the store made me mad! It is not at all customer oriented. I proceeded to the lumber section and went to the lumber check out stand. When I asked for the manager, Mitch came to see me. He heard my story, and replied that they typically want tools checked out at the tool register. His whole attitude was one of simply listening to me, offering no apology or regret, even after I told him I would not return to a Home Depot. He doesn't represent your business well when it comes to complaints.

I used this store since it is about ten minutes closer than a Lowes. However, with the attitude of your staff, and this idiotic tool checkout requirement, I have stopped shopping at Home Depot. Instead I will go to Lowes. After a quick review of my financial records, I note that I have spent over $8,000 at your Ellicott City store since it opened last year. From now on, you won't see another dollar!


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