Stores, Target bad return policy for baby gifts

Posted on Sunday, July 15th, 2001 at 6:59pm CDT by 31956911

Company: Stores, Target bad return policy for baby gifts

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Bad return policy for baby gifts at Target

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Date: Saturday, July 14, 2001 06:59 PM Sent To: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65828# 7/14/2001 6:58:38 PM My wife and I have been dedicated Target shoppers for a long time, but that's about to change. We recently had our first baby and we registered at Target for various baby gifts. After the dust settled from showers and family gifts, we sorted through what we received, pulled out the duplicate items, and made our trip to Target thinking we would apply the resulting credit toward other needed Target merchandise. Although Target does provide customers with "gift receipts," when the actual showers happen most people see what looks like a receipt and they discard it. As a result, we returned from three showers with only a couple of gift receipts from Target. One item in particular that we planned to exchange was a jogging stroller. The box had never even been opened. The original price for this item was over $90, and the same item was still in stock on the shelves. After arriving at Target, my wife was informed that we were limited to $75 in non-receipt returns. We were told that this new policy was implemented to prevent theft. We did not ask for or expect cash back, but simply a store credit for other merchandise. Because the stroller was over the new $75 limit, they flatly refused to help us. They would do absolutely NOTHING!! I could not believe it. We had registered for this $90+ stroller, our registry list showed one as being PURCHASED for us, and we still had the UNOPENED original box with Target's label on it. But they still refused to help us. After complaining about this policy, the store manager reluctantly called a corporate office "customer service" representative. This person was not helpful, responding that the policy was in no way negotiable! Target would have lost nothing financially in doing the exchange for us and would only be assuring themselves of continued customer support from us. If they would have processed the exchange, the store would be receiving a stroller they could sell for $90+ to a new customer and we would spend the credit on something else in the store. But they still refused to help us. We even offered to take a $75 credit for the stroller and let them make an extra $20 profit, but they simply would not do it. Now we're stuck with a stroller that we don't want or need. Because of this experience, we plan to avoid Target, if at all possible. We have numerous friends also having babies. We have already told many of them about this experience, and we are counseling them to avoid registering at Target. I plan to make a specific point to tell everyone I know not to register at Target, especially for items costing more than $75. My wife and I had also been considering investing in shares of Target stock. We won't be after this incident. A company that fails to provide its long-time customers with fair customer service is on the verge of a down-hill slide. Target seriously needs to re-think its new anti-theft return policy. My wife is an assistant district attorney; she prosecutes shoplifters for a living. I myself am a business-law attorney, and I believe in honest, good business. A policy that prevents us from making an honest return is obviously overbroad. Update: I contacted Target customer relations about this problem, and they continue to stand by this policy. BUYER BEWARE! I encourage your readers not to register at Target and not to buy gifts for parents-to-be at Target. If they do, at the very least, they should avoid registering for or purchasing any items that cost more than $75. I am writing because I hope to spare other parents-to-be the same frustration that we have encountered in dealing with Target. I have also posted my complaint on and I encourage others with the same experience to do the same. There is another letter posted on that website describing the identical problem. Unless customers make a point to get the word out, Target won't realize that its oppressive policy will cost them money and the policy won't be changed. Thank you, Hal Noelke.


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e70eba5e, 2007-10-08, 04:29PM CDT

Ive also registered in September, and had my shower this Saturday, I did the same as you, and returned the items with gift receipts but unfortunately the items that I had none for were unreutrnable. I have a diaper Genie and a monitor that are for the amount of $30. Starting August 8th, they're policy had changed, theyre limit is 2 items for the amount of $20 in non receipt returns. In September when I registered, the employees gave me false information, and stated that the items I receive on my registry that I dont have a receipt for can be returned with the registry purchase log, which doesnt even exist, Ive also spoke =n to theyre guest relations line, and I am unable to receive help. I will never register at Target again.

e0bf92f8, 2007-10-15, 08:49AM CDT

I too had a similar experience at Target. I had created a baby registry at Target, and ended up receiving mulitples of a couple of items (which was indicated on my registry). I did not receive a gift receipt, but drove to Target to exchange the item for something else on my registry. Because I did not have a gift receipt, I was told to just regift the item because they could not issue me even a store credit! I will no longer be shopping at Target, and have deleted my baby registry.

69d23f3f, 2007-10-25, 12:33PM CDT

The same thing happened to me. Target does not have a "purchase log" for gift registries anymore. It seems unfair that I gave Target hundreds of dollars in potential business, but they won't help me by giving me in-store credit. I am not trying to scam Target. The item has a Target UPC code and was on my registry! It's not fair to gift registrants that we must rely on a third party (the gift giver) for the receipt. There are so many other retailers who have better return policies for gift registries, and hopefully Target will realize they've made a big mistake. Word of mouth is very powerful.

6ec7264c, 2007-12-19, 12:03AM CST

My friend had her baby registry at Target. Her shower was held about 3 mos. before the due date. This was her first pregnancy and as all new mothers you want all the bells and whistles. What she quickly learned shortly after recieving her gifts was that she didn't really need them all. Target would only let her return up to $40 in gifts. I thought this was silly, but she just asked me to return a gift that I got her from her registry wish list and I was told that since I no longer had the reciept they could not exchange it. I found my purchase from my card and tried to use that as a receipt. I was informed that all exchanges must happen within the first 90 days. Unbelievable, now my friend is stuck with items she can't use. I'm left feeling bad. Now that my eyes have been opened, I will no longer use Target for any gift purchases. What a rip-off.

27b72d85, 2007-12-29, 04:16PM CST


I received a raffle gift from work and tried to return it for just a store credit and the box was never opened and had all of the original target labels on it. (I tried getting the receipt from the person at work that did all of the purchasing but he misplaced it. I spoke to the store manager Rick in La Habra, CA and was refused for a store credit, exchange or return and he gave me the customer service number for target at 1 800 440-0680 who were target(refuse to cap the t they don't deserve it, I have no respect for target) Clones and gave me the same story... I spoke to Ray, escalated to Holly and then to Lindy and was advised, no receipt no exceptions.... WELL target WITH NO EXCEPTIONS...... YOU HAVE LOST A LOYAL CUSTOMER !!!!!

96bd2c64, 2008-01-03, 03:39PM CST

I received a gift off of my baby registry but didn't have the gift receipt. I tried to return it but they said it's more than 20 dollars and we cannot give you a refund!! This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I don't recommend target registry to any of my friends.Basically, I am stuck with this item that I will never use and Target is making a benefit off of it. What a rip off

6e67d695, 2008-03-12, 08:37PM CDT

Same thing happened to me.

Target stores should have a warning:

WARNING!! Do Not Register for gifts

here, you will not be able to return

them. I am refusing to shop there.

8c20a3a4, 2008-03-23, 08:21AM CDT

Target is brilliant. keep your reciepts and ask for gift reciepts. whats so hard about that? if your smart then you'll always for gift reciepts. its not hard and its your fault. the end. dont blame the company. its your ignorance.

2009352b, 2008-04-20, 05:29PM CDT

My daughter is expecting a baby next month and we just had a shower for her. She was registered at Target. Many of the people who purchased items there didn't keep their gift receipts. She received duplicate items so she wanted to return the duplicates for store credit (NOT CASH, SIMPLY STORE CREDIT)and was told she couldn't return anything over $20. She is livid! Not only can she not return the duplicates but she was also told rudely that the person she said assisted her in the registration process didn't exist. To think she told family and friends to shop at Target. She will not ever recommend Target to anyone else. Target has lost alot of business from this family and our friends. We will never shop there again.

fcde04e5, 2008-04-29, 10:39PM CDT

I just have to say that I had the exact same problem with Target. I still have 2 more baby showers next month, so I cancelled out my Target baby registry. I also told my sister and every other expecting mother I know not to register there. My husband and I will no longer shop there b/c of this.

a4a677d2, 2008-08-04, 07:02PM CDT

My husband and I went in to return 2 lamp shades we had purchased for our new baby's room - still in the Target Wrappers, with bar code and everything. I think they were like $17/each. I was about 9 months pregnant at the time and we were going in to buy the "mother load". Not only would they not give us a gift card with store credit for the $37.00, the manager on duty told me I should go sell them on EBay if I needed the money!!!!!!! That was almost 3 years ago, and we have managed to never shop there again. Ever.

27b62e1d, 2008-08-19, 05:12PM CDT

I usually brag about how I love Target, but since I registered for my baby there that has all changed. I am now telling everyone, NEVER to register at Target!

There is zero benefit to registering with them. The store did not do it's part is updating the registry to reflect purchased gifts, and therefor I received multiples of the same item again and again. I received 6 of the same blanket, 3 of the same teething blanket, 3 of another blanket, 5 of the same receiving blanket and the list continues.

The return policy is horrible, and is a hassle. It is really frustrating! I can't return items with out a gift receipt after making two returns and there is a dollar limit too! That is ridiculous.

The registry in itself should be the receipt. It's not like I get cash back....I only get store Target still gets it's money.

And, you dont get any completion coupons, or any incentives to even register with them in the first place!

As far as the purchase log is concerned, only 1% of items purchased showed up on it. Customers are paying and Target is profitting from it's own incompetence!

A very disappointed and once loyal customer.

cc29723c, 2010-11-09, 01:22PM CST

Targets policies are horrible. We had a similar experience and make big efforts to avoid using them for purchases.

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