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Posted on Sunday, July 15th, 2001 at 12:00am CDT by 89a63b4a

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RE: freemans

hi i am a very annoyed with freemans catalogue, back in may my friend

recommended me to there catalogue and the clause was that once i paid the

first 25.00 that my friend would get a free gift of there choice, they opted

for a personal cd walkman. Well i paid my first payment at the end of may

well we are now in july and they still have not received them. i rang them in

june and they advised that it was on its way , i then spoke to them again

this month and they said they had no records of this, i was really annoyed i

spoke to 4 different people i advised them that i was not happy with the

service on the third person and he basically fdid not give a monkeys .

i advised him that this was there error and what are they going to do about

this i asked if they could send it recorded delivery they advised no i was

gettiing more and more angry the gemntlmen just put the phone down, i rang

back and a lady there resolved the problem but like i said to him you are ok

taking our money but not delivering the goods i was really annoyed with them

it makjes you wonder these cataogues are just out for one thing thanks for

listening bev smith from englland


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