AOL - AOL service - received a year free of service when purchased a Gateway PC - trouble cancelling service

Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 2427a8c9

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

To whom this may concern: Over a year ago I purchased a Gateway computer and received a year free of AOL service. At that time, I initiated it because I wanted to make sure that everything on my computer worked before I packed it up again to be shipped away with me to college. A few months later I remembered that my credit card information was still in your files, and since I use an account though my school and haven't used my AOL account since that first initial test-run, I called your customer service to cancel the membership before my time ran out and was charged for services not used.

At this time, the representative explained to me that since I still has 8 months free left on my account, and even though I didn't want it, that I could donate it all to a non-profit organization as long as they

already had a AOL account in use. So in sum, they would take over my account information, replacing my credit card information with their own. Well, I thought this was a great idea, so I did just that. Once I found that organization, I contacted your customer service by phone again and gave them all the information needed to complete the transaction. In turn, I later on received a letter from the organization thanking me for my tax-deductible donation, thus ending my association with your company forever - or so I was lead to believe.

Well, just about 8 months have gone by, and now I am receiving charges on my credit card (two-months worth to be exact so far) for an account that hasn't been in use for over a year. Now this is where my

questions comes into play...if this group that had a problem changing my account over to them had any trouble, why wasn't I notified by your company so that it could be straightened out. Secondly, if they were

successful in doing so, why am I being charged for an account that I never wanted in the first place and have never used? I would like this matter taken care of ASAP. I've tried getting a hold of your customer service by phone repeatedly, but always have to wait a half-hour or more, and by that time I get too frustrated and hang up.

I am formally writing to you to let you know that I no longer - and had never wanted in the first place - your services. Please cancel my account and delete any credit card information you have in my files.

If this is not taken care of in the next month, I will be forced to contact the proper authorities since my credit card is being charged every month without my knowledge or consent. I hope this gets the point across to you guys, because apparently a half-dozen phone calls over the period of a year haven't done the

trick. Do you in fact have any competent people working in your billing department, or is it run by a bunch of circus monkeys? Please reply to this e-mail ASAP at my current address, thank you. Heather


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