USPS - USPS - mail not being delivered as expected - very upset with service received

Posted on Saturday, January 4th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 4ae3c895

Company: USPS

Category: Government, Police

There are 2 houses located approximately 500 feet from the road that is shown on the property deed and tax bill. Because of my age and physical handicaps I have not installed a mail receptacle on the roadside and they refuse to deliver to my house. For over three years the postmaster was local and my son brought mail to me.

About 18 months ago new personnel were assigned and did not give him ANY of my first class mail. All payments of my utility bills were recorded as "late", interest on my charge card and possible damage to my credit rating.

It also started a constant harassment (ie: handwritten & stamped notes and stickers to "advise correspondents of my PO Box number. {Social Security does not provide an adjustment for this and I have refused to rent a PO box.

Earlier this year they advised TV Guide that it was "Undeliverable" and my subscription was cancelled. This robbed me of the money paid for the postage and the .publication. For anyone EXCEPT the "untouchables} at USPS this would be a felony and subject to a jail sentence. {Unfortunately there is no Elliot Ness available to bring them to justice}

Last week I and attempted several long distance calls and each time an intercept operator reported it had been disconnected, On Friday I received my long distance bill and noticed that it was not paid the previous month. When I called the company I was advised that my service had been terminated because the last months bill had been returned. I was also advised that it would be necessary to call the business office on MONDAY as they were closed at that tine.

I explained that I needed to make an urgent call because I had just learned that a relative's illness was terminal. {That man certainly earned his wings because he put the call through for me}

When my son complained at the PO he was told that they randomly select mail that is "returned to sender".

End of complaint.

Any questions please call or send a-mail and I will be eternally grateful if you can let others know how the World's largest monopoly {makes Microsoft look like Litt;e Riding Hood} enjoys the support of a Government that not only supports them but also PASSES LAWS THAT PROTECT THEM. They raise rates at will, pay no local real estate or motor vehicle taxes and add to the costs for businesses and Governments by forcing them to have employees leave their work to pick up the morning mail - EVEN the VA Hospitals. Their excuse


They make AFTERNOON deliveries ! Sure - when it's almost quitting time.

For the millions of dollars worth of publicity and unlimited public support someone should start a class action suit to put an end to this parasite.

Thank you. I'm better now.


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