Cablevision - Cablevision, Bronx, NY - several problems with customer service

Posted on Saturday, January 4th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 6cc83817

Company: Cablevision

Location: 930 Soundview Avenue
BRONX, NY, 10473, US

Category: TV, Music, Video

On the evening of January 1, 2003 (at 6:00pm) I called Cablevision's Customer Service Department to inquire about changes on my bill. The reason for my call was to find out why I was being charged $10.00 extra for my cable modem. I have received the "New Monthly Rate" sheet with my bill and nowhere on the sheet did it include changes for cable modems (please see the attached sheet).

When I called, I spoke to a man who referred to himself as Bill. Bill did inform me that cablevision made rate changes for all of the services they provide. At this point I ask why didn't they include the changes for the cable modem, he replied "I should have spoken to the sales department about my yearly contract when I received my modem." Fair enough, when I informed him that I had my modem for 2 years and I didn't received any changes after my first year, he became sarcastic. I wanted an explanation for the sudden changes to my service and he continued to give me dead end answers and sarcasm. I don't expect someone who doesn't know the correct answer to make one up, but also don't expect someone who works in customer service (who should help me with my questions) to be nasty.

After asking one more time for a reasonable explanation for the sudden changes, Bill answered with "are you listening to me", as if I were his child or someone he knew. At this point I became very angry, he then told me not to talk to him in an angry fashion (after he spoke to me this way), then he hung up on me. Is this how who train your staff to speak to paying customers? I called back and spoke to a man named Demille. I told Demille that Bill hung up on me and Demille explained that Bill was a supervisor and became defensive when I informed him that Bill was nasty.

After Demille gave me an explanation for the changes (which I still don't understand) I asked Demille for his and Bills's last names, he informed me that he doesn't have to give their last names. Then he went on to add that he didn't know which Bill I spoke to (after stating it was a supervisor I was speaking to). After I told him I'm not an idiot, he then added that he didn't know Bill's last name. I don't know what kind of operation this company is running but they should ask themselves how long will their company last using these customer service tactics.

In addition, every time I call customer service to receive information on my account, I have to tell them that I only have one modem. For some reason, Cablevisions records state that I have two modems. After numerous attempts and calls over the past two years to clear this issue, I still have to explain that I only have one modem.

Then when I give them my modem number, it's never in the system. I spoke a lady by the name of Stephanie on January 1, 2003 who supposedly cleared this issue. I don't want to call their disrespectful customer service department about this issue and get a dead end or sarcastic answer.

This is not the first time I've had problems with Cablevision's staff and I'm sure this isn't the first complaint they've received. Two years ago they credited someone elses account with my money, then told me that they couldn't figure out who they applied the payment to. While I was trying figure where they went wrong, they were charging late fees. Then after I found and sent them the cashed check, they said that they couldn't fix the problem. I had to have my lawyer call and fix the problem.

Cablevision is constantly charging more for shrinking packages, over billing for services you didn't request all while being nasty when you call to inquire about your account. I can't get another cable provider in my area and they realize this, that's why they screw people. All I want is for them to fix the above problems, then I won't complain so much about the way they are robbing me. As soon as I find another option for my internet and cable, I will leave cablevision alone.


De'sha Newman-Colon


a8bf3cc7, 2008-04-17, 10:12PM CDT

Im having the same problem. I left cablevision in 2006 with zero balance. I reconnect with them April 5, 2008 and my first month bill came to $388.90? I called and spoke to 4 different people who keeps making up stories about cancelled payments in 2006. They kept giving different amount 180,224,590,285?? WTF? I couldnt take it anymore I just cried.

Im calling other service provider thats available in my area!!!

24a08ffb, 2008-10-02, 01:45PM CDT

Wow, 2003? It's 2008 and Daymil Demille Damil. Whatever still works at that office. I just called and talked to someone who I could barely understand and told me 500 people work there. Seems funny if both of us got daymil. Cablevision has the worst service of both product and customers. Sadly, I have no other cable alternatives and tenants to make happy. Daymil was a complete asshole and condescending. My phone hasn't worked for three weeks now, thank God for cells and my cable has been out for a week. And I'm told it's my fault because I don't sit on hold for 45 minutes to repeatidly do an over the phone intervention, which is not working. Not to mention my tenant is an audio/video engineer, so I think the components are working. Too bad the bums that work at cablevision don't. Not only do I have a fulltime job, I have a part time job sitting on the phone and chasing after grown-ups and trying to get them to do thier jobs. Cablevision should put me on payroll.


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