Verizon - Verizon, New Bedford, MA - switched long distance from Verizon to IDT - Verizon continued to charge monthly long distance fees

Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 67cbd58c

Company: Verizon

Category: Telecommunications

My transfer of long distance service from Verizon to IDT and Verizon's billing to me of monthly base charges after my (legal) transfer Up until the end of October 2002, from last year, I was signed on with Verizon for local and their 'Best Plan' long distance' service which carries a monthly base charge plus taxes amounting to $5.80. Towards the end of October 2002, I decided to switch our long distance carrier to IDT which has a very competitive plan that will save me money on calls each month.

On the day the transfer with IDT was implemented, I was asked to standby while a third party came on to verify that I was going to transfer to IDT. IDT informed me that our new service would begin within a couple of days and it did. Our long distance billing from IDT began from November 1. I am satisfied with IDT's end of the bargain to this point. However, this is not true of Verizon who refuses to issue a credit for their billing me $5.80 (Best Plan long distance base monthly charge) for both November and December 2002. Unfortunately, my wife did not note Verizon's billing of $5.80 for both November and December until after December bill had arrived at our home. I called Verizon to correct this discrepancy by issuing a credit to me (we still have their local service) but their representatives (3 of them) said they could not do this because I did not call Verizon to cancel my long distance service. I argued it was not my job to do this but Verizon was adamant in their refusal to issue any credit.

Actually, one representative (I talked to 3 reps at Verizon) said I would get a credit for December but NOT November which in my view is ridiculous. This rep was confused on Verizon's verification date of my transfer. He thought it was in January.

According to IDT's records, the transfer notice to Verizon occurred on November 1, 2002 and Verizon sent out a verification of this on November 4, 2002. The other two Verizon reps said I did not warrant a credit for either month because of their regulations or some such rot. FYI, on these Nov/Dec bills from Verizon, there were no individual phone calls billed just the base charges/taxes I mentioned. What is Verizon's problem????? The amount of $10.60 ($5.80 per Nov and Dec) is not a large amount but why am I asked to sacrifice my money for service I never used and which was legally removed from Verizon's accountability. I have never signed any statement nor was I ever told that I had to call Verizon to tell them I was transferring my long distance service. I am a retired 73 year old. The attitude of Verizon has sent my blood pressure into the stratosphere, something that is very dangerous at my age. Their attitude is monopolistic and borders on harassment. I hope something can be done about Verizon's practice. I am still a customer of Verizon for local service but. frankly, I should be looking for another carrier. Yours truly, Joseph R. New Bedford MA, 02745


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