AOL - AOL - moved to Lake Placid, FL - no local dialup number - told would be credited for additional expense - unresolved billing problems resulted

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by d37e57ab

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I moved to lake placid Florida in Nov. 2002. I contacted AOL and put in a change of address. Then tried to connect to AOL and there were no direct connect local number from Lake Placid. I then call AOL and they told me that I would have to piggy back through a carrier in lake placid and AOL would discount we for the difference because they had no local numbers in Lake Placid. They then gave me credit on my account to make up for the time it took to get this other carrier and get my service working again.

Which by the way was a real mess? So I get my bill on my credit card for Dec. which I was not to be billed until Jan because of the credit they gave me. So I went to AOL help and got this woman that pretty much told me that my address was wrong and that was my fault, when I changed it and AOL messed it up. She said as far as my billing tuff -- that really sums it up.

So now I am getting billed for full charge from AOL and full charge from htn for the piggy back. Now AOL hit my credit card again for Jan. 2003 AOL is charging me 23.90 and they told me 9.95 plus the htn charge of 19.95 which would make my bill $6.00 a month more than I was paying before. Now after all that mess to get my computer working and giving them my new address, which if I did not do this then how did I get htn and AOL both going so I had service.

Now they are taking a total of $43.85 a month which is $23.90 and $19.95. If I do not get this resolved that I am canceling AOL service and I will never return. This is not the first time that I have heard bad things about AOL get it together or you will lose a lot of customers. You till Jan 31st to refund my money and get the charges corrected or I am gone and will take this matter up with someone else to get my money back.


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