1996 Neon - 1996 Neon - 88,000 mi, 4 cyl - cam seal replaced - car leaks oil - all following transmission fluid and oil change

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 976231d1

Company: 1996 Neon

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I took my car in for a transmission fluid and oil change. I told the mechanic that the fan sometimes kicks on when in idle (like at a drive-thru). The mechanic pressurized the engine to check for a leak. He said he put a lot more pressure on it than usual. This caused the car to leak a lot of coolant.

It had to be filled daily with at least a bottle. You could literally see it pour out. He gave me a number of reasons: head gasket, radiator. When the radiator was checked, it was found to be the reason for this leak. Before this, it had never needed to be filled because it never leaked. The garage ended up fixing it soon after, covering a SMALL portion of the cost for responsibility of the problem.

A week later the cam seal blew and my car had no oil in it. Took the car in, paid for two days worth of labor to replace the cam seal. The car now leaks oil. Took it in, and it is found to be the head gasket is leaking the oil. The head gasket was replaced before 56,000 miles. On all regular maintenance of the car, there were no reported oil leaks, etc. This all happened within a couple months.

My question is this: Because the garage blew my radiator and it was leaking coolant so quickly, could this cause it to overheat and have the cam seal break? and cause the head gasket to overheat, and now leak oil permanently? (needing a quart a week or so and needing to be replaced once again?) None of these problems EVER existed before I took my car there. Is the garage responsible?


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