Adelphia - Adelphia PowerLink - Adelphia Communications Corporation - purchased modem didn't work - customer service problems ensue

Posted on Monday, January 27th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 840745a3

Product: PowerLink

Company: Adelphia

Category: Internet Services

I know Internet access can bring untold joys to a household. But, as I've learned recently, Internet service providers can bring much sorrow. Unfortunately, I'm writing to you about the sorrow part -- specifically, the overall experience at Adelphia Communications Corporation, which has left me just furious. I received my cable bill yesterday. Therein was an inserted promotion for a cable modem to replace the modem that I have been leasing. I decided to take advantage of this generous offer, so I bought the new modem, plugged it into the cable network and tried to get it to work. After waiting 15 minutes, the cable modem would not synchronize with the network, so I attempted to call technical support. On 3 consecutive occasions, I waited for 15 minutes in queue on the phone to be disconnected before speaking with a representative. The next time, I call, wait 15 more minutes and get Justin who explains that I have to call another number - 800-ADELNEL - to have the modem provisioned. I try to call 800-ADELNEL to learn that it is a wrong number. So, I call technical support back, wait 15 more minutes and learn from Edwin that the actual number is 866-ADELNOW. I call the new number and am told by the recording that they close at 9PM on Fridays (now it is 9:02PM). The office will open at 8AM on Saturday morning. The next morning, I get up and call at 8:30AM. The message that I get is that all agents are busy and please to leave a voicemail. The mailbox is full, however, so I cannot leave a message. I call back 45 minutes later and actually get a live person without any hold time. This woman tells me that she can install the new modem but that I will have to pay 2x the monthly fee for service until I return the old cable modem. She claims that she cannot simply make the exchange that the bill insert promotion claims is so simple.

Additionally, she explains that even if she could "simply exchange" the modem info that I would still be unable to use the new cable modem for at least 48 hours while the database updates. She tells me that all I can do is visit the local Adelphia office (45 minutes away from my home) and have them provision the new modem and turn in the old one. Thus far, I have wasted a full evening and morning trying to get a new cable modem to work. It still does not work since I cannot go to the local Adelphia office until later today. I strongly encourage Adelphia to fix these process issues because this promotion could cause a lot of dissatisfied customers to look into BellSouth's DSL that is now available in Adelphia's territory. Because of this experience, I have every intention of finding another ISP, and I can't in good conscience recommend you to others. How can you make it up to me? I'm glad you asked. Given the ridiculous number of hoops and inconveniences that I have been put through by Adelphia's non-customer serving rules and processes, I would like for Adelphia to reimburse me for the promotional cost of the cable modem ($39.99). If this is not possible, then I would settle for a bill credit equal to one month of service ($39.95). Thanks for listening to me. I'll be even more appreciative once I receive your response. Sincerely, Matt


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