AOL - AOL - new account created without authorizing, resulting in double billing - being billed for unfair charges

Posted on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 4076176a

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

CoHere's another one for the annals of AOL hell... Back in September---my 17 year old son went to sign online, and said "MOM--did you delete my screen name? It's gone from the sign-on screen!" Well, of course I hadn't...and we searched everywhere in the computer for it--even contacted online tech support, to no avail. Then I began noticing that I was getting TWO monthly charges of 23.90 taken from my account each month, and called my bank to ask why they were double-debiting this amount....they didn't "know."

The worst part of it is, that I am a 52 year old widow, on Social Security and a small pension from my late my income is just over 1500 per month. AOL double charging my account near the end of each month, is causing OVER-DRAFT fees of 31.00 each time they put the second, un-authorized (by me, the masterscreen name) thru on my account, and they were doing it every other day! The bank was then taking 100's of dollars in overdraft fees OUT of my account on the third of the month when my SS check and pension go IN--also causing other checks I should have been able to write on my deposited BOUNCE. We couldn't get any answers anywhere-at the bank or AOL.

Recently my son said "Mom--I'm getting Pop-Ups when i sign on at Dan's (his brothers) as a guest, and he uses the screen name that disappeared from our online screen list, by typing it in---that say "Update your billing information-AOL is unable to charge your account--it's outdated.!" A LIGHT bulb went off in my head---SO---I went on on-line Tech support and explained the problems to a live tech online....he told me to call the 888 number on my screen...I did. Phone Tech SHERRY told me that my sons's subscreen name had been SPUN OFF onto a seperate account---IN SEPTEMBER....which neither of us DID.

I asked her "How could this happen, if I didn't do it? I'm the MASTER screen name--don't all changes

have to be done thru the masterscreen name it's billed to? He's a CHILD~! Any changes I want to make to my sub-screen name, I have to do thru the masterscreen, which is ME!" She told me that my son "probably" clicked on the wrong icon on a POP UP advertisement , and it automatically opens the new account---all he had to do was hit agree on the "do you want this billed to your current account on file?"

As far as I'm concerned...she hung HERSELF not two minutes later when she told me that POP UPS only occur on the masterscreen name......and I certianly didn't do it for HIM. He does NOT have my password---and I change it almost every week~! What was AOL billing supports answer to my problem, and my huge loss of money illegally taken from my account? And all of the bank charges I will never get back?

"You'll have to call our SPECIAL department for that..." I had already DONE THAT, and all they said was, "We can't put it back on YOUR account or cancel this one until you PAY THE BACK CHARGES that didn't go thru~!" They said they ALWAYS send an EMAIL to the master screen name when someone requests a spun off account to a new account...and I NEVER GOT ONE. I told her this, and she said "Well, if you have email controls on your account--it was probably sent back to us!"

BUT--they never called me either to authorize this, regardless of my email controls! If I wasn't getting 150 damned PORN MAILS I didn't ask for a day--I wouldn't have had to put email controls on my account, would I? Funny---AOL can send anything thru on your screen--but they CAN'T get around your email block! BULL! And they never bother to call you when an email comes back from THEM as "undeliverable?" NO, they don't.

So, to date , since September, and fighting with my bank AND AOL over these bogus charges I didn't authorize---I have lost hundreds of dollars in overdraft charges to my bank at 31.00 a pop, had checks that should have cleared sent back to the persons I sent them to as NSF checks....which really helps my credit rating-and causes yet MORE late charges and NSF charges from their banks, passed on to ME---and AOL will do nothing--even though they said it was probably an "accident" just trying to click off the pop-ups. No one will help me with this----and I'm at my wits end--NOR will they let me cancel the spun-off account that I didn't spin off, nor did my son-----until I PAY UP from September till now. Tech SHERRY actually

had the audacity to tell me that I will be charged again on the 26th of this month for the bogus account, and there is nothing I can do about it......I can't even cancel it.

THANK YOU, AOL---you're ruining my credit, and taking money I don't have and didn't authorize. When i declare personal bankruptcy--will STEVE CASE BE MY LAWYER????? Sharon


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