AOL - AOL - wanted to cancel -given 2 free months then forgot to cancel again - very upset about trouble with account cancellation

Posted on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003 at 12:00am CST by becf2454

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

you ppl need to credit my account... back in aug. 2002 i ask that i be removed, your salesman told me to take the offer of 2 months free and then cancel. well i did and after 2 months i forgot to call and cancel.

noticing i wasn't getting charged on my credit card statement i took it as i was cancelled now its Jan of 2003 and i get 63 dollars charged to my account? is this how you operate? hoping ppl forget and then soak them?

all i can say is i hope this company loses business for being dishonest....when i called today to ask what the gg is going on all your ppl can say you never called to cancel.....didn't it occur to you that duh i wasn't using it? for a company of you magnitude you sure operate like a bunch of childish school kids....and if the almighty dollar is that important to you so be it...

you are a rotten outfit and never are you going to see another dollar from kind of advertising is word of mouth....think about that. and besides a multi-million dollar company refuses to credit an account for 63 lowsy dollars..oh yeah i want to tell everyone i know about this SCAM....


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