People PC - People PC - attempted to cancel account via e-mail on the same day it was opened - 10 days later, told only had 7 days to cancel and so would be billed

Posted on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 5963b1a4

Company: People PC

Category: Stores, Shopping

My children received a new computer for Christmas. In their effort to get online, one of my children used my credit card to establish an account with People PC. I discovered this the same day that it occurred and immediately contacted People PC the same day requesting that they cancel the account and provide a refund.

I was given a tracking number for e-mail correspondence - (Your Email Tracking Number is: UU20030103_0000000601) - which changed with each e-mail correspondence. I was instructed to contact a phone number and select member services, which does not exist on the 'new' phone menu.

Upon return from a business trip that lasted 10 days, I did contact People PC by phone and was told that I had only 7 days to cancel my account, and could not expect a refund. I then faxed People PC's home office with a copy of the e-mail log attempting to cancel the account and have received no response in over 5 business days. To top this all off, there was supposed to be a 30-day free trial before billing began, my son registered on Jan 3rd and the billing was posted Jan 4th. This company exhibits the worst customer service of any online company I've dealt with. BR,



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