- - purchased six bottles of wine online - UPS information revealed that wine delivered to wrong address - waiting several weeks now for reply from

Posted on Monday, January 20th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 4864d2a8


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I purchased six bottles of wine on December 19, 2002 as a Christmas gift to be delivered before Christmas day. The wine was never delivered to the intended party. I had received a tracking number and checked on the status only to find out it was delivered to the wrong address (wrong city!) two weeks later. Have had no response from after sending 4 e-mails to their customer service.

UPS, the delivery company involved, responded in a timely way with an explanation that clearly put the responsibility on the part of; UPS had not received the complete address and then after questioning were given an address different from the one I had given to I will write and call them but am perplexed by their lack of response.

I am, of course, upset that my gift was not received by the right party but am down right angry that has not responded in any way! Any advice is welcomed.

J. Oppie


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