Burns Honda - Burns Honda, Cherry Hill, NJ - double charged for loaner car rental

Posted on Sunday, January 19th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 1d394c0a

Company: Burns Honda

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I am writting in regards to Burns Honda of Cherry Hill / Marlton. I have been a customer of theirs since I moved to this area over 2 years ago. In the beginning I have to say their service was good. Since they have moved to their new facility on Route 73 my service hasn't been as good as it used to be. Several months ago I brought my car in for scheduled maintenance and asked the service department to check my breaks because I was unhappy with the stopping power. They were more than happy to take my car but it took over 45-minutes for someone to find me the loaner car that I requested when I made the appointment. Finally, after an hour, I leave and I am extremely late to work because they don't "have their ducks in a row". As usual, Honda doesn't call me to let me know that they are finished with the vehical, so I contact them and I am told that they haven't had "enough time" to fix the breaks so I have to wait another day. They had the entire business day to complete standard maintenance and change the break pads - why make an appointment if they can't finish that in one day.

I guess they figured they would wait until I got there to tell me the car wasn't ready. I allow then to keep the car another day because I don't want to have to bring it back again. I return the next day and pickup my car. All the work was completed the way that it should have been and as I expected. I paid the bill, left, and thought that all was well. I then find out almost a month later, when my credit card statement comes in, that a company called "Just for Wheels" has charged me for 2-days worth of a call rental. Just for Wheels is the rental car company that Burns Honda works in conjunction with to provide rental cars to their customers. In the past Burns Honda has always charged me for the rental car, I pay Burns, and Burns pays Just for Wheels. Well that's not the case anymore! I called Burns Honda, I am transferred to numerous extensions and leave messages with no return call. Finally, I leave another message for a service manager and get a return call. He is aware of the situation, like it happens everyday. (I later find out that this has happened to multiple people on several occasions.) I am told that he will "work it out". Of course, I never hear back from him again. I call "Just for Wheels", which is a tiny little company that gives the impression of it with their customer service. I am told they will "research it" and get back to me. As you can expect nobody called me back. Now it has been several weeks with no resolution, I call my credit card company (Discover) and notify them of the situation. Discover was more than willing to investigate the issue and give me a "temporary credit". Two months later, the charge reappears on my credit card. I contract Discover and I am told that "Just for Wheels" says "Burns Honda never paid us for the rental so we are holding the end user liable for the charges". I am shocked that a company like Burns Honda is not paying their rental car company with funds paid by the customers. Unfortunately, the rental agreement that you have to sign is from "Just for Wheels" and it has your credit card number on it that is enough for them to charge you for the car. After several more calls to rude customer service reps, who refuse to transfer you to a "live person", I finally spoke with someone else in service who is "working" to get me the credit. I still haven't seen it. No apologies, no nothing, Burns Honda has lost me as a customer - and lost my future new car business. I will drive to another Honda dealer further away for service and sales before I give Burns a penny of my money! Based on my personal experience, don't pay Burns Honda's charge for the rental car (pay Just for Wheels directly, so you can't be double charged like I was). An extremely dissatisfied customer,



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