EconoLodge of Dayton, Ohio - dirty room, poor experience

Posted on Tuesday, January 8th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by Suzanna H. K.

Company: EconoLodge of Dayton, Ohio - dirty room, poor experience

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EconoLodge of Dayton, Ohio - dirty room, poor experience We went out west this past summer, and one of our first stops was at the EconoLodge on Edwin C. Moses Blvd. of Dayton, Ohio. There were only a couple of other cars there, so we should have realized the horror inside.

We were very tired from lots of driving, and it was late at night, so were anxious to get to sleep. The front desk wasn't too disorderly, so we thought our room would be OK, BUT..........once inside it, we were appalled at the absolute filthiness.

Obviously, there was no clean-ing service hired because the furniture had a coating of gooey food drippings along the front edge. A drawer had crumbs & stains in it. The small refrig. actually had a line of BLACK mold coming down the door, along with crumbs inside. We then examined the bed, which thankfully was OK, just wrinkled.

The towels however, had a few stains, but looked washed. If we hadn't been so exhausted, we would

have LEFT immediately, but seeing that the bed was Ok, we just plopped down & fell asleep. I took 4

photos to send to the motel's headquarters.

After 3 attempts to get our money back by writing to both the motel management and the main office head- quarters, we got nowhere. They wanted us to come back there and stay in a cleaned-up room for free to make up for it, but we told them we can't go out that way again, and that we wouldn't want to go back to their motel, soooooooooo no refund, and it amounts to over $80.00. This isn't fair, especially to law-abiding senior citizens like us.

Thank you for having this site.

It helps alot to be able to

post this. Sincerely,

Suzanna & Donald Keats


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