Bad McDonald's Experience

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 412af08a

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Bad McDonald's Experience

I would like to warn anyone who regularly eats at McDonald's to think twice so not to get the experience I gained this past weekend. On Thursday afternoon, around 4:00pm, I went to McDonald's for a Chicken meal. When I sat down, I started nibbling on the fries. Right off the bat, I knew that they tasted horrible. So, I took them up to the counter and complained. They gave me another batch that was supposably fresh.

I sat down again and unwrapped my sandwich. The Mc Chicken which I had ordered w/o mayo had mayo on it, so I took that up to the counter and complained. This time, the manager brought out the corrected sandwich to me. About two hours after my unsatisfying meal, I started getting a bad headache and some stomach cramps. I went to bed around 8:00pm hoping to salvage the rest of the evening by thwarting off the headache by a hour long nap.

However, as I tried to sleep, my stomach grew more and more irritated at the contents. At 10:00pm, I was blowing chunks in the bathroom.

My lovely meal that I ate at 4pm was still sitting at the bottom of my stomach. I tried drinking some water but that too came spewing up around midnight. Yet again at 2:00am, I was throwing up green bile. I was so miserable I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Well, now it is Sunday and I still suffer from no appetite, abdominal pains from diarreah, and physical weakness. If I had known that quick food would put me out for a couple days, I would have made a sandwich a head of time! Never again will I eat at any dreaded McDonald's restaurant again! I would advise everyone else to not go there either. Happy Eating!


78317ee1, 2008-10-13, 08:06PM CDT

It is not only incredibly rude - but also impossible - to immediately assign the blame for your sickness to one specific meal. Anything you ate in the week before you got sick could have been responsible for your illness. Don't blame McDonald's without proper proof!

9aaf59d7, 2008-10-14, 08:32PM CDT

I know what your talking about. And I have found a solution. I do my own cooking at home now. I hardly ever eat out. There's no telling who is preparing your meals, where the foods comes from, what they done with the food before you received it, where and what they have done before they touch your food. I've seen some pretty scumming looking people behind fast food counters and in fine restaurants for that fact. Some I wouldn't invite in my house, much less what preparing my food! They don't get paid much, so many could care less about how your food is made.

The advantages of eating at home is that I know who made my food and it really taste better(I've become a very good cook)! And I've lost weight not eating all that McFat you get eating a big mac!

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