Aerobed - seam broke, bed deflated - unable to find repair information, unable to get help from Aerobed

Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 821c0d61

Company: Aerobed - seam broke, bed deflated - unable to find repair information, unable to get help from Aerobed

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# 15 for January 31, 2002 received the following follow-up message on March 7, 2002:

From: Jennifer Grace [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_18842#]

Defective Aerobed

This is a follow-up to a complaint I lodged a few weeks ago. I have a defective Aerobed inflatable mattress and have been unable to get any help at all from the Aerobed company. Recently they contacted me asking me to resubmit information I had already faxed to them, and I haven't heard from them since.

They've had me running around for two and a half months and I'm no closer to a resolution than when I started.

A warning, if you fall for the ads and infomercials and think an Aerobed will be a good solution for overnight guests, you'd better hope you don't get a lemon, because while they're quick to take your money, they are not prepared to back-up their claims with service. Buyer beware! received the following e-message on January 30, 2002:

From: Jennifer Grace [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_18842#]

Aerobed - seam broke, bed deflated - unable to find repair information, unable to get help from Aerobed

We have an Aerobed that is out of warranty. It has lived in its bag in our guest room closet (where their advertisements say it's so handy to have one) since we got it and has been inflated only three times. Over Christmas we were mortified to be awakened in the middle of the night by a guest who had found herself on the hard floor in the middle of a suddenly-deflated Aerobed.

A defective seam had opened up. We made a makeshift bed from sleeping bags and called Aerobed the next day, (and for about 20 days thereafter). None of our attempts to patch it were successful (the patch they provided with the bed is useless, and the instructions they included were for an entirely different patch). My complaint is about Aerobed's terrible customer service.

All I wanted from them was information on how to repair the defect. Their phone always answers with an "unusually high call volume" message, and after they keep you on hold for several minutes a recording comes on to tell you that you are now going to be "dropped from their system, and they are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you." Then they hang up on you.

That happened to me many, many times; I tried several times a day for three weeks and never reached anyone who could help me. Aerobed customer service is very slow to return emails, and when they do respond it is clear from the content that no one has actually read what you wrote them.

Finally I got an email that said they were sorry I couldn't reach them by phone (an unusually high call volume...), that I should FAX them my proof of purchase, and that they would replace the mattress (something I would not have asked for). I sent the FAX.

A few days later I got a call from them telling me that since my Aerobed was out of warranty ( a fact I'd made clear from the start) they wouldn't replace it, but they were prepared to offer me an unspecified discount on a replacement - but with only a 90 day warranty (instead of the usual year). Why in the world would I throw good money after bad? And why, I wonder, would they abbreviate the warranty?

I finally reached someone by phone in response to that message. She said that a defective seam is very difficult to repair and that I should probably just throw the Aerobed away.

So, my Aerobed cost $61.20 for each use - I might have been able to lodge my guests in anearby motel for that. In any case, I would have liked that information soon after the problem surfaced, so it would have saved me all the hassle of trying to find someone there to talk to me.

This has been an expensive lesson in both money and time. I want other consumers to be aware that the marketing segment of Imaginair/Aerobed evidently gets all the corporate focus, the customer service department virtually none. Don't buy the product if you aren't prepared to just throw away the mattress if it's faulty.

Jennifer Grace


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0c25a790, 2007-12-27, 05:35PM CST

I'm also having problems with the AEROBED, once filled with air to comfort firmness, in the morning a seam has damaged causing a chamber to rise higher than others, i don't overfill, 'cause i don't like extra firm matress's who can be contacted to correct this problem

8b84723e, 2008-12-02, 12:16PM CST

I have to agree i had a similiar expierence where after 14 months and using my 220$ bed three times a baffle failed and the bed became unusable of course they offered the now older model at a reduced price which it probably was anyway by then. so 220$ in the garbage no customer accomodation for only being 2 months out of warranty and hardly used says what kind of a company your dealing with. you can easily damage the bed if under or over inflated which is something they do not tell you becouse then it would sound somewhat difficult to use and they might loose some sales. there are many other manufacturers these days that offer the same quality or better for much less money. Understand its a glorified pool raft which a reall good raft can cost 75$ so what did you think you where getting from such a over advertised product. to anyone thinking air bed seriously consider how much use you expect and look at the slightly cheaper made but much cheaper in price manufacturer that does not spend a fortune on advertising but puts the money in better quality material so that it will last. if your only going to use it 3 or 5 times a year go for the cheaper bed at least if it breaks you can buy another one and still spend less that throwing the expensive bed in the garbage.

d46f1a34, 2010-03-21, 10:13AM CDT

Aerobed is terrible as far as being able to last; i have bought 4 Aerobeds, the first one i managed to make last about 90 days by patching it countless times, and the last 2 i have had to return to Sears because they don't even last 25 days EACH TIME! without getting a hole in it; and the hole is where i'm not even touching it, and in a recessed area where it is touching nothing at all; they could easy make the plastic interior out of a hard to tear plastic shipping type of material but choose not to to get repeat sales; i'm getting my money back. Aerobed is absolutely terrible. No doubt about it; dependably undependable every single time! That's a fact.

92c604ff, 2010-11-18, 04:16PM CST

Perfect. I used my Aerobed one time, just after I used it and it was okay. I tried to use it last night and it will not hold air! The thing was in my closet for about 8 months. This Aerobed is a total joke and consumers should NOT purchase the thing. I'm not going to bother fixing it because the thing is a bad design. I'm going to throw it out in the trash, where all Aerobeds should be located!

6bd0019e, 2010-11-21, 01:17PM CST

I had the same problem with a chamber becoming unwelded. It created a big hump on the bed. Bed was only a little over a year old and used only a handful of time. Aero Bed's got bad customer service. As a last attempt, I went back to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Explained to them my situation and in short, they were able to get me 79.99 in store credit when they didn't have too. Booo... for Aero Bed, Thmubs up for Bed, Bath and Beyond.

166034c2, 2013-04-12, 09:55AM CDT

No better in 2013. I have had two Aerobeds. One failed to hold air after a year, the other in less than a year had the blown chamber defect - caused a back breaking bulge in middle of bed. Given stories about customer service I think I am wasting my time to try for replacement. Just glad they don't make waterbeds.

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