Arch Wireless from Circuit City - Nightmare to activate Pager

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 7c2e271b

Company: Arch Wireless from Circuit City - Nightmare to activate Pager

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From: Joanna Peace [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_18903#]

Arch Wireless from Circuit City - Nightmare to activate Pager i bought an Arch wireless Talkabout pager from Circuit City. The service rep pulled up the rates and service information for arch on the internet before I left the store and told me all I had to do was call a 1-800-number 24hrs a day/7days a week to activate the pager.

When I got home I unpacked the pager, installed the battery, turned it on and called the 1-800 activation number. They talked me through the process and I gave them all the numbers included in the packaging and was told the pager was not in the computer and I would have to call customer service. this was 6pm Friday night.

I called customer service was put on hold for 20 mins and then told that the people I needed had gone for the day, call back Monday. I called Monday and was told by customer service that I needed to call activation. I called activation who told me to call customer service.

I finally got a lady in customer service who would help and she gave me another number for Arch who should be able to activate the pager. I called them and the phone number stuck you on hold and then after 15mins would ring through and hang up.

After 4 tries I called customer service back and raised a stink. they told me they had talked to their supervisor and he said I just had to keep trying that number there was nothing they could do. Finally on Wednesday I got through to the number and the lady activated the pager even though she said she wasn't supposed to that activation should have done it.

They then charged me a $15.00 activation fee which was not written in any of the paperwork on the website that I could see or in the paperwork that came with the pager. I think after all the trouble I had to go through they should have at least waived the $15.00 fee.


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