Tour Operator Go Ahead Vacations, Cambridge, MA - poor experience with vacation in Italy

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Company: Tour Operator Go Ahead Vacations, Cambridge, MA - poor experience with vacation in Italy

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# 1 for January 27, 2002 received the following business reply (to the consumer message below) on January 31, 2002:

From: Avery Johnson [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_18916#]

Response to complaint posted by Marianne Nol

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the complaint posted by Marianne Nol in regards to the Venice, Florence & Rome tour that she and her family have scheduled with us. We sincerely regret any dissatisfaction that Ms. Nol is experiencing, but we believe that we have been up front and honest regarding the details of the tour that they purchased. When Ms. Nol and her mother, Dolores Doyle, purchased this tour, the itinerary included a flight into Milan and then an immediate bus transfer to Venice. In an effort to eliminate this long and strenuous arrival schedule, Go Ahead has since begun booking flights into the Venice airport. We notified our travelers of this change, but at no time did we promise that all flights would be non-stop to Venice.

We could not promise this, as there only exists one non-stop flight from the US to Venice, and that flight is from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. When flying from the US to Venice, the odds are in favor of a connection. Ms. Doyle has been in regular contact with our office, as she is acting as the organizer for the five family members with whom she is traveling. Based on the detailed records that we keep of all written and verbal correspondence, it was explained on at least two occasions that they would not be flying non-stop from Newark to Venice.

* Ms. Doyle first inquired about this on November 14 and was told the flights would not be non-stop.

* On November 21, our staff explained to Ms. Doyle that we are now booking our travelers to fly into Venice, rather than into Milan with a bus ride to Venice as we had in the past.

* On November 27, Ms. Doyle again inquired about the flight arrangements. She was told that we would not be able to book a direct flight and that there would be a connection. Our goal at Go Ahead Vacations is to provide our customers with tours that combine quality and value. Ultimately, we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied. I regret that we have been unable to fully meet this goal in regards to Ms. Nol's flight arrangements and am sorry for any miscommunication that led to her belief that flights would be direct. I hope that her and her family's experience in Italy will be enriching and memorable.

Avery Johnson

Senior Customer FOCUS Representative

Go Ahead Vacations

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Here is the original consumer message: received the following e-message on January 26, 2002:

From: marianne nol [COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65041#]

Tour Operator Go Ahead Vacations, Cambridge, MA - poor experience with vacation in Italy

My family and I are traveling to Italy in March with a tour group called Go Ahead Vacations, located in Cambridge, MA. Web Address: and the phone number is 800-597-0350. My mother has purchased tickets for her 3 daughters, one son-in-law and niece so this is not a cheap trip as you can imagine.

Go Ahead Vacations promises a direct flight to Venice, then transportation to Florence and the trip ends in Rome. We were astounded to find that a direct flight to Venice means meaning the US at 6:05 PM landing in Frankfurt, Germany at 7:30 AM and leaving Frankfort at 12:15 that afternoon.

Since my Mom has always wanted to go to Venice she was upset at the 15 or so travel hours and called to discuss this with the tour group. She has been told repeatedly that the ticketing department and customer service are not in synch and there's nothing that can be done.

When she called Lufthansa to book our seats she was told that she was booked on an 8:20 AM flight but that there's was no room for the rest of us so we would be left behind for the 12:15 PM flight. It gets better when she finds out today that we're all booked on that flight but only as a standby.

The customer service rep recommends that we don't take the flight because there's not enough time between 7:35 and 8:20 for us to make the next flight. Our returning flight lands in Frankfurt at 12:10 and takes off at 1:30, I guess they didn't plan on us making it home.

Every response from the company states we have a contract with them and we do, we'll make the best of a bad bargain. I wanted to warn your readers to avoid this tour operator if they want a smooth departure.

Marianne Nol


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