Simmons Orthopedic Mattress - mattress sagging, warranty is worthless

Posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 23652447

Company: Simmons Orthopedic Mattress - mattress sagging, warranty is worthless

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Simmons Orthopedic Mattress - mattress sagging, warranty is worthless

I purchased a Simmons "Orthopedic" level mattress with a 10 Year exchange warranty 3 years ago. The retail store I bought it from went out of business. I contacted Simmons 1 year ago when the mattress started to sag in the middle, and was uncomfortable. They used an outside "furniture inspection

company" to handle the complaint at the time, and it took 6 weeks to finally get someone in to inspect the mattress.

After another three weeks of calling the Simmons company to find the status of my claim and being told that they did not have the report yet, I finally got an answer from them. The verdict:

the mattress only had a 1/2" depression and it needs to be at least 1" before they would replace it. My wife and I struggled with the discomfort of the mattress until we could not take it anymore. We had to start seeing a chiropractor as a direct result of the poor quality of the mattress (this being their "better quality" & "supportive" one at $700). I contacted Simmons again in November.

The "customer service" person said that she would send me an inspection questionaire to fill out myself. After filling out this 4 PAGE form, drawing diagrams, taking measurements of the depressions, and taking and developing

photos as they require, I sent everything in to them. I received a "form letter" back from them today that states (quoted exactly from the letter) "Simmons offers a limited assessing your claim, we found no structural's bedding products are more upholstered than they were...and body impressions will appear....therefore we are unable to offer a replacement". The mattress now has a HUGE "hole" in the middle that we SINK into (the depression is now over 1 1/2" deep!!) no matter which side we turn the mattress over to. They ended their letter with "if we can be of additional assistance in the future, feel free to contact us".....YEAH RIGHT!!!! Alot of good it will do!!! How about paying our chiroprator bills, and giving us a new mattress so we can stop sleeping on the floor!!! I am writing this letter of complaint in order to save someone else out there, the same heartache and backache we are going through. A warranty of ANY length is only good if the company will honor it!!!


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051ca20d, 2008-07-28, 04:30PM CDT

stop whining... are you really so un intelligent that you expect something that you use everynight and also lie 150 or more pounds of a body onto for hours everyday to keep its shape? really? thats like driving on your grass or parking your car on it and expecting it to stay looking wow. Your grass may flatten out but at least it is better than dirt.

dc8d3189, 2008-10-30, 01:51PM CDT

Sealy is not any better. I paid $1,400 at the Room Store in Phoenix AZ and had thw same experience. I filed complaints with the BBB and while they investigated they did not perform. There doesn't appear to be a correlation between the price you pay for a mattress and the quality. I have read several articles that state the manufacturers just put different labels on the same mattress to prevent price comparisons and allow overcharging. In any event I guess it is a matter of luck if you get a good mattress and the new no flip type are the worst. They break down within months.

0e6c0beb, 2010-01-25, 02:14PM CST

I bought a Sealy Posturepedic from Sears last year. It had a 30 day guarantee but they delivered it 2 weeks after I bought it. In two weeks it sagged and was giving me back spasms. I went to the store to return it, but they would not accept mattress returns to the store and gave me an 800 number. I called and told them the problem and they said they would call be back. They refused to talk to me, and never answered my call again. I had a death in the family so I couldn't pursue them. Not sure what I could do anyway. I tell everyone what a bad experience I've had with them, and I am boycotting both Sealy and Sears. I bought a mattress from a local manufacturer and thats sagging too, I give up! I'm just stuffing it with rags and memory foam, because I don't know who to trust. I had previously owned a Sealy that lasted me 15 years, but they don't make them like they used to. No one cares that thousands of people across the country are getting scammed by bad mattresses. I tell my friends, but they are so dumb they believe that their warranty would be honored. Wake up!

f00d14f9, 2010-04-22, 06:39PM CDT

We purchased the "top of the line" Stearns and Foster for 3600. It was horrible when they delivered it. They did replace it two days later. The new one broke down in a couple of weeks. It weighs a ton. We had to rotate it every 3 weeks. It took 2 men. They won't do anything about it. It is still less than a year and we hate to toss something that expensive but that is our only option. We only have relief when traveling and not sleeping on this thing. If one doesn't have a bad back before S&F they will.

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