Levitz - Stain safe co. furniture warranty purchased at Levitz - trouble with warranty

Posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 367e2fd0

Company: Levitz

Category: Furniture

We purchased furniture from Levits store in Wilmington, Delaware on 2-06-00.We purchased over $4,500 worth of furniture that day with the 7-year protection plan. The plan is with a company called Stain Safe. 0n2-28-01,I called Levitzs to report that each of three-piece living room set was ripping and also the chair arm has broken.

They instructed me to call the warranty co at 1-800-440-2965.I filed my claim. The leather repair company called back but however we have fabric. They said they would call the warranty company back and they will recontact me. They never did.

With many return phone calls, It took till for the contractor to see the furniture. And after many run-around calls, they first denied the claim because I said it was ripping and did not say it was seam separation.

After more phone calls, I spoke to Jess, Thegeneral in-supervisor on 6-04-01 and she said they would replace the chairbecause it was structure damage and Levitz’s would fix the other two pieces .Iwas very satifisied with this. She said I would receive written notice.

When Idid not I called back on7-11-01. I spoke to Ken who then said it was denied on7-08-01because they said I received the furniture in that condition. I thenproceeded to contact their grievance department and also the main office ofLevitzs.The grievance department never responded. But I do have proof theyreceived my letter, I certified them.

Mel Mitchell from the main office called on 8-28-01and said he would contact Claude the highest person with the Stain safe companyand he (Mr. Mitchell) would return my call. He did call back one time on8-29-01 with no call from Claud.But he will call me to see what he or Stainsafe could do.

He never called back. I called 14 times and left message on hisvoice mail from 9-17-01 to 12-01. When I called the main office number inDecember the number has been disconnected. I also called the warranty companyback to ask about the chair arm. They would call me back. They have never did.I filed with better Business Bureau in July 2000 on-line.

They wrote a letter saying they would transfer my information to a closer BBB.But they never contacted me. I have called a couple times but the wait got too long over 14minutes. I also have documented every thing the warranty company told me along with dates, I also have pictures of the damage and the two letters the warranty company sent me. I was wondering if there are any suggestions you might have for us or maybe any thing you could do for us.

Please contact me. I will very much appreciate it!! Thank you very much for your time

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3171acea, 2008-02-09, 08:37PM CST

Seems like there are all sorts of complaints about them. Look at this: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/109/RipOff0109721.htm

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