Trane gas furnace - new furnace doesn't work, can't find problem

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 821816e7

Company: Trane gas furnace - new furnace doesn't work, can't find problem

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Trane gas furnace - new furnace doesn't work, can't find problem

I had a 90 % gas furnace (TRANE) installed in May of 2000. Last winter (2001) I had numerous problems with the furnace. Kept going into a lock out phase.

The Trane people and my installer had me change the electric going from the electric box to the furnace because they said I had an electricial problem.

Then they had me replace my gas line and gas meter. The problem remained. They changed the gas value on the unit and it ran fine until this January 2002 . Now they are both washing their hands of the problem. So, I ask what can I do to have this problem corrected.

Your truly,

Frank Terracciano


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82e697fb, 2008-10-28, 10:54AM CDT

Having a problem with my Trane as well. It will run for a while & then cuts off. I have to go the the thermostat, turn the system off & then back on again to get it to run. Local Trane tech has been out several times & cannot find the problem. They say it must be a problem with my propane tank and/or regulator. Anyone have a similar problem? If so, how was it corrected?

e1f21449, 2008-12-01, 08:01AM CST

For the fourth time in its history, my two-year old Trane furnace has also gone into lock-out. My service people thought it was caused by inadequate pitch in the venting pipes (put in by another dealer). They changed the pitch and I've had the problem again.

82e697fb, 2008-12-22, 09:40AM CST

They just installed a new board, convinced that that would fix the problem. It didn't. Have had to "re-boot" the thermostat 3 times, starting at 4:15am this morning. By re-boot I mean turn the system off and then on again. Runs a while & then, even though the thermostat says "heats on," it's not. Seems only to happen when the outside temp drops below freezing. Would think there is moisture freezing up in the system somewhere but if that were the case seems like it would not run at all? Latest is local rep is going to bring a factory rep to look at it - that was a week ago. I think the TRANE has gone off the tracks!

Light on panel is blinking twice, which is the signal for "system lockout, no flame."

82e697fb, 2009-06-16, 09:02PM CDT

You need to get them to send a Trane factory rep. The control boards go bad on them but when they replace with new they have to replace related components, sensors as well to be compatible with new board. Not sure where you are located but might try calling Maintenance Technologies in Knoxville, TN at 865-584-1776 & as for J.R.

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