ADT Home Security Company - San Jose California

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 61d79deb

Company: ADT Home Security Company - San Jose California

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ADT Home Security Company - San Jose California

I have had it. My mother moved from her home in Capitola, California nearly three months ago. I followed in good faith all of ADT's rules to discontinue service -- I provided them with a written (and faxed) 30-day notice.

Last month, I received a "late notice" from ADT from their offices in Kentucky (I believe). I explained to the woman that my mother was not late in paying her bill, as we had followed all of the ADT rules to discontinue service.

The woman said, "Well, this office doesn't talk with that ADT office, so you'll have to straighten it out with them yourself." I was dumbfounded and could not talk this woman into talking to another person from the same company. Just this morning (not an hour ago), my mother's realtor called to say that the alarm was "going off again."

I've already called the San Jose office (talked with Kathleen) three times to discontinue this service (she's also the one to whom I sent the original cancellation notice.). The realtor has once again driven to my mother's home to turn off the alarm. Additionally, my sister had a one-year long, nightmare experience with ADT in Maryland. It was only after repeated threats of lawsuits and begging (she was in Japan paying long-distance phone bills to correct ADT's mismanagement) that she received the more than $1,000 owed her. This company stinks -- do not use ADT. Jayne Stewart


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