1st USA Bank NA- Bell South Mastercard - situation with credit and the elderly

Posted on Saturday, January 19th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 9994291c

Company: 1st USA Bank NA- Bell South Mastercard - situation with credit and the elderly

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1st USA Bank NA- Bell South Mastercard - situation with credit and the elderly

Even though my ( now 83 year old) mother had no assets, savings, or decent income, and even though she was 72 years old at the time (and just recently retired from a waitress job), and even though she recieved the lowest Social Security benefits in the American System (Less than $450 per month), Bell South Mastercard ( 1st USA Bank NA ) Solicited her as a customer and granted her a mastercard.

Then they continually increased her credit limit. When she became very ill and needed drugs and treatments which she could not afford, she gained cash advances to pay for these things, to the point that she got the card to the Limit.

Then she realized that she could not pay the bill. 1st USA Bank NA said they would" work with her "and lower her interest and payments to "help her get her bill payed off". For about a year she payed $35 per month and chopped her credit card .

Then the REALLY BIG bills started to come in, as well as the harrassing phone calls. My mother has always been a proud person, having worked until age 73, and raised three children without any help from our alcoholic father, the wellfare system, or anyone else. She has never filed bankruptcy, or walked out on a debt, so the phone calls and mounting payments stressed her greatly.

She would have starved and done without needed medicine to pay what she could afford. However, the payments they expected her to pay were actually greater than the ammount of Social Security she recieved per month, if she wanted to pay her rent and lights and gas bills too.

Now the bank has added so many late fees, that the credit limit has been "exceded" and she is also being charged a fee for this. Late fees, over limit fees, and payments keep mounting.

I told them to stop the harrassing phone calls and finally they ceased, after about a year. It should be a crime for the credit card companies to take advantage of the elderly in this way. They know that the poor people will never be able to get out of debt before they die!!!

Why keep extending the elderly credit without any collateral, and then killing them with the stress of bills they can not pay? How unfair!! They need to be stopped. We need to protect the elderly who have given their lives and hard work to this nation!!

We need to stop the unfair credit card companies , like 1st USA Bank NA, from extending credit to needy elderly .


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