Transavia - Transavia - purchased ticket, but unable to use it

Posted on Friday, January 18th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 20faab60

Company: Transavia

Category: Airlines

Sometimes can happen that a company sells you a ticket and do not let you leave for the destination you paid for. Have you ever been informed about that?

I haven't, when i bought the ticket. It happened to me. I bought a ticket with Transavia, 3 months ago, to Italy. I arrived 20 minutes before departure to the "check in" in AMS (for a train delay) and they said it was too late.

That can also be discussed, but they also said I could throw the ticket in the trash, since not even the return flight ticket could be used anymore.

I personally will never buy anything from them anymore. Another company would have asked me if I wanted to book another flight if I really could not catch that plane. Transavia told me that it was a special offer and nothing could be changed: is 600 NLG a special offer for a flight to Italy in your opinion? In mine, not.



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