Vortech - Vortech Force North America Vacuum Cleaner - poor experience

Posted on Sunday, January 13th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 142574d4

Company: Vortech

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My 79 year old grandmother purchased a Vortech Force Vacuum Cleaner in June 2000. When she purchased this item she indicated that she felt pressured to buy & that the sales guy just wouldn't leave. She also did not recieve any information regarding the warrenty, service info, or anything else - except pamphlet with pictures of the vacuum pieces.

Within 2 months of having it, the electrical cord stopped retracting & the vacuum would blow out dust. She changed the air filter, thinking maybe that was the problem - no - it still blows out dust. She attempted several times to contact the person who had sold her the vacuum - but she could not reach him.

Frustrated but unsure as to what to do - she asked me (her grandaughter) to look into it. I searched the internet for information, and sent an e-mail to the company. In response I was sent a phone number - but nothing else in the e-mail.

I called the phone number provided and spoke to the manager there - Derrick Calvin - who impatiently listened to my complaints, indicated that my grandmother was lying and couldn't possibly have been pressured and that he heard that kind of complaint all the time ( I asked him why he though he heard that alot - he didn't respond), and he laughed a couple of times while I expressed my concerns.

I was very angry by this time and all I wanted was to return the damn vacuum or get one that actually worked. I asked how to file a complaint - he gave me a name to contact - turns out he gave me his name.

When asked who his manager was - he stated he didn't have one - he was it - he was the "big shot" of the company. I felt my concerns/complaint were dismissed, that my suggestion that my grandmother felt pressured to buy was ridiculous, and returning the vacuum was out of the question. This is the WORST service I have ever recieved!!!! The product SUCKS!!!

IT DOES NOT EVEN WORK THEY STILL WONT TAKE IT BACK!!!! I would not recommend this product or this company to anyone. In fact I would strongly recommend that everyone buy from a company that is tried, tested & true - like Filter Queen. As a result of this, I will do everything I can to avoid buying your products in the future, and I'll urge others to support other companies as well. I would like the company to send an apology for their customer services treatment of myself & my grandmother. I would like this company to take the vacuum back and refund my grandmothers money - since it doesn't work properly anyway. I think that the company should review their own Mission Statement - then actually try to follow it. I think that Derrick Calvin - if that is even his name - should have to answer to a superior and be disciplined for his condisending dismissal. Kathy W

Dryden, Ontario


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48f35217, 2008-05-30, 10:10PM CDT

You are dealing with a used vacuum cleaner salesman. They pay around $300 for the unit and then try to sell it for $1500. The first mistake was even letting the salesman in the house.

fe3c627f, 2008-06-14, 01:10PM CDT

I get so tired of websites like these and whiners like this woman that think they deserve to be able to behave and speak anyway they want to,slandering a good company and an awesome product because their demands havent been satisfied. If everything she says is true then I feel for her and the independent dealer she bought it from certainly deserves a mention.But this product doesnt suck it is one of the top vacs in the world.The company is great also. Unfortunately they cant control the independent dealers that buy and then re sell their products.If this woman would have acted rationally and not out of anger as she clearly was judging from the tone of her post here, she could have received some service through the vortech factory.I think that her complaint was made in 2002 and as I research the Vortech company in 2008 to still see this post and have it come up in the top 5 in search results is irresponsible of this website.How long will you allow one persons rants mar an awesome product and company name? Its time to go she got 6 years out of it enough already.Let it go.......man!


Jeffery Hassinger

c1a8f41c, 2008-07-06, 09:35PM CDT

Sounds familiar. My father recently died. While looking through some of this papers I found a receipt for the purchase of a vacuum cleaner (Vortech Force) for $2462.40 from Canadian Mr. Sweeper Inc. in 2001. My mother remembers buying it from a door-to-door salesperson. When I asked my mother about it, she was not willing to discuss the issue. I found out that there was a great deal of pressure put on my parents and that she did not want to buy the appliance but finally agreed. My father suffered from a brain dysfunction caused by an aneurysm years before and my mother was and is partly blind (both were in their late 70's at the time). The vacuum still works and I guess it performs as well as many cheaper brands but I wonder why this company would use such tactics to sell to prey on those who may have been too nice to refuse. Yes the original post is old but the techniques of some of those who represented them hurt more than just one person.

cf00b1bf, 2008-07-28, 10:45AM CDT

I agree that this complainant is expressing her dissatisfaction in an inappropriate way. It is, however, understandable that some persons who have a legitimate complaint can express their frustration in an inappropriate way because of a lack of education and/or an inability to manage anger (impulse control issues). It is very responsible of this company to continue to display this complaint - it would be good to know if the complainant's grandmother was contacted and her concerns addressed.

3d2fc09f, 2008-09-10, 05:39PM CDT

I happen to agree with this person as I too have just recently had a bad experience with Vortech Force and it's local sales reps. When you get a call from a saleman of a company, any company and they proceed to call you and idiot and shout F words at you and call you a liar and an asshole, then that tells you something about the people of this company. I don't know about the product myself other then the growing list of complaints about it's performance or lack thereoff. It's pretty sad when sales reps of companies resort to foul and disgusting language to get you to go away. Well I'm not going away. I have filed complaints with the local BBB and written letters to our local newspapers and to the local consumer watch people. I am not going away. I'm even considering a class action law suit against Vortech and it's local office. Something has to be done. It's really too bad that those people who disagree with this grandmother, haven't got the guts to admit that she is right. So sad and pityful they are and I'll bet they are Vortech employees too. This would not surprise me

a5be8e44, 2008-12-21, 01:16PM CST

You are so right about the company I to went through the same typeof thing with my grandmother. The vaccum is almost payed off now and we plan on buying a new one as soon as it is because the vortec is an expensive load of crap. I wouldn't recommend anybody to buy this vaccum.

2eb20f5c, 2009-07-26, 05:46PM CDT

I feel sorry for this lady that got treated in such a bad way. I have a Vortech vacuum that we bought a couple of years ago. It works really well. The only problem we have is now trying to find a supplier for the filter bags. Besides this no complaints.

37fadf73, 2009-07-29, 12:14PM CDT

You were lucky, My 86 yr old mother was conned into buying the Vortech force vacuum and was charged $1200.00 plus her electrolux in trade. This isn't just a poor company these guys are absolute crooks!

15cea415, 2009-10-02, 06:53PM CDT

I Have purchesed the Vacum Cleaner from Daved Pow in Calgary and I have to say it is awfull. To long handle and it is take a lot to operate . It is not for seniors and unfurtenetly I fall for his sale and I am soery for it . Shame on you to talk me in to it . Gisella from Calgary Alberta

ace3c9de, 2010-03-08, 08:12PM CST

OK, so this is 2010 and guess what this company is still scamming people! They target seniors, like my parents and when there is a problem, they cannot be contacted. Their local offices are run by one or two people. The office extensions all go to voicemail from early in the morning until closing. BEWARE!!! Never buy from these promo telemarketers, or the smooth demo salesmen that come to your door. There's a reason they don't have legitimate storefront operations. THINK BEFORE YOU GET SCAMMED!!!

9f39a50a, 2010-05-26, 02:30PM CDT

it doesn't matter if she was rude or not! if the dang thing don't work they should get a new one like they promise you! in there life time guarantee!so there!

46ce8788, 2010-09-04, 03:25PM CDT

I actually sold these for one week. I've sold virtually every machine on the market.

This is the worst quality machine, I've ever seen. Power head was junk and sounded like it was falling apart when I stood on it. I went to test suction and the sides of the machine sucked in and the bumper popped out.

The part where you put the hose into the machine broke. All this happened in a weeks time.

Machine is manufactured by an italian company named gibly. It was initially designed for Tommy Bresciani, who sold the company. he couldnt get any distributors. Basically noone wanted to carry it because the perceived value of the machine was so low.

ac642905, 2010-10-12, 01:11PM CDT

I too have been scamed. I am a 62 year old on disability. The company will not stand behind this piece of junk. I warn everyone to shut the door in the face of anyone trying to sell you a Vortech Force! BJ Hansen Phoenix, AZ.

efe8ed66, 2010-10-12, 05:50PM CDT

I too have one of these vacuums, I personally like the product. We are having problems with the power head. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. There's no one to talk too. We call leave messages no one calls us back. Customer service is a big part. I won't buy this product again. I hope others will think twice before they do to. We will be buying something else real soon.

Andy A


b2aec07a, 2010-11-30, 08:36AM CST

Hey Kathy, did you file a complaint on the Better Business Bureau website? There is one there for Ontario.

466573d1, 2011-01-01, 07:43PM CST

We bought our Vortech Force vacuum in 2004 and have good and bad things to say about this product. Our experience started primarily last year (2009) when the powerhead first went which we were able to find a repair facility in Calgary called Discount Vacuum, who fixed it but for a price. Just under $200.00 when all was said and done.

Now our cord retractor is not working but I think I'll order the part and put it in myself this time. We also find the suction is good but the hose on down to the powerhead tends to get blocked all to often.

Over all we probably wouldn't recommend this vacuum to anyone in the future or buy one again ourselves. We'll use this one til is fully breaks down.

Leona J., 2012-08-21, 04:01PM CDT

I also got sucked in with this vacuum. The sthing vents out the back so that you are blowing dirt and dust around because the vent is blowing out the back os the vacuum. Everytime you move the thing it is pointing in another direction and blowing that dirt and dust all over. Our electrolux had the venting out the top and I had no problems at all with that one. It lasted for about 30 years. This is a piece of junk.

Barry C., 2013-04-08, 07:53PM CDT

I found this website after doing research for a customer looking at the Vortech! And WOW! What problems these Vortech Vacuum cleaners have! My advice is before you purchase one and make a BIG mistake go to the website at http://www.aircleaners.com and check out the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaners which have been and are still are manufactured IN THE USA in Ca from the original designer of this vacuum cleaner and still in business to this day! I have sold dozens and dozens of Air Storm HEPA Vacuum cleaners without problems. Feel free to call toll free for more info on the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner at 1-888-578-7324

Johnny F., 2013-04-09, 07:12AM CDT

I found this website after a new friend of mine who is a pro in the industry steered me to it. I just see and hear bad talk about the old model of the Vortech, not the new one. In fact, I had an employee of the Patriot vacuum company on the phone just yeserday and he said nothing but good things on the new Vortech vacuum and said the Vortech was more powerful than his 6 wheel Patriot. 6 Wheels?? (I guess they figured out the the 4 wheel patriots, tri stars, an air storms were just too tipsy with 4 wheels??) not sure there??lol you can read complaints about all vacuum companies, so take it all in with a grain of salt. http://www.complaints.com/january2002/complaintoftheday.january13.9.htm

truth be out there, all these vacuum cleaner companies go to great lengths to maximize profit at any cost. Tri Star sends young sales people into the home of the unsuspecting with such stories of them being just out of The Marines and need to make this one last sale to have the company help with their honeymoon, to the Patriot/Air Storm company using high pressure sales people dressed in hospital scrubs starting at a $4000.00 price tag and asking for the customers to trade in their own household personal items for a discount that still leaves over a 400% profit margin?? Go figure. None of the mentioned cleaners are worth much more than $400.00 in mint (like new) shape. Be patient and you will find one. The person in a hurry always loses!

Barry C., 2013-04-09, 08:59AM CDT

Johnny as I explained to you already this is only ONE complaint resource exposing the problems with the Vortech HEPA vacuum cleaners. The newer models are just as bad and the newer complaints are spread out all over the internet. If you pay attention you won't see this kind of negative action coming from Patriot or Air Storm owners and there is a very good reason for this. Its because thy are just plain better built and the factory and its reps provide excellent customer service to all of their customers. Please do your own research and see this for yourself. Also the upgraded wheels were not installed because of the units being tipsy. The Air Storm will follow you like a puppy right behind you even in high pile carpeting! It was simply a nice upgrade to provide to the public.

PS. You can always go out and purchase a Vortech HEPA vacuum cleaner for your family and roll the dice for yourself! I wouldn't!

Johnny F., 2013-04-09, 11:11AM CDT

Like i said, I would not pay the crazy prices for any of them. I like them all, and know that an educated buyer can snatch any one of the above mentioned for $400.00 or less! And in mint shape.

Johnny F., 2013-04-10, 06:22PM CDT

Thanks to Barry's conviction, I did purchase a brand new (demo) Patriot Hybrid model. 6 wheels, so it will follow this old man around the house like a puppy dog. I'm sure someone will slam the new model, and good for them. And don't expect anyone to get excited about my great deal, especially when I didn't buy from them. I am happy to have it on the way, and will be improving on my indoor air next month when I purchase a T.R.A.C.S. system from aircleaners.com. I found this company to be the most informative of any out there. Anyone looking for real honest (brutal as it may come) advice and direction, this is the place to go. The owner is committed to the industry unlike anyone I have ever talked to and will not blow you off for any reason. Hard to find service and passion like that in this world! Good luck to all and keep your eyes open and try to breathe only the best air you can. Life's too short to do otherwise!

3428c06d, 2013-09-13, 10:57AM CDT

I bought the vortech 2 years ago and it is the second time in the repair shop. (which is 200km away from my house). It takes several month to get parts to my servicer and that is just horrible. If I had known that I would have stayed away. I never thought for that price that thing will break the first few years. At this time I could have bought a new vacuum every month with the same amount of money I paid for this one. I asked to be bought out from my warranty which is still another 3 years but nothing happens. I write registered letters just to get parts, then get promised extra bags which never arrive. Good job in sucking me in, could have gone for a vacation with my foster-kids for that money. Need a vacuum but not the trouble. Will go cheap next time again. Lucky Chinese....

Charles B., 2013-12-30, 04:00PM CST

I own a patriot green top and a vortech xr 3000. First let me tell you they both are great machines. Most complaints here don't have to do with the machine. Its either price or service. In both cases i have had excellent and poor service. It depends on who you talk to. My patriot for instance. I will only deal with the Factory. We live in the central valley California. The Selling Dealer is a POS. The retail owner in Clovis will lie cheat and steal from you. He treats clients like they are beneath him. And every issue is our fault. Truth is after several checks(on the internet) he is a horrible businessman and even a more horrible human being. The flip side. The factory is just fantastic. They are professional and very very helpful. My patriot really has been trouble free except for the body cracking where the wheel attaches. I think is just a design flaw.The machine cleans very well and works as promised. But it is very heavy and tips over a lot. Not to mention that the rear filter marks up walls and furniture. But life is give and take. Nothing is perfect. Now my vortech xr3000. WE love it. its light, very easy to move about the house. It actually had features I wish my patriot had....but it doesn't. That's why we purchased. The company has been around since the 60's and the product is very well built. My complaint with it is that bags are expensive. 15$ for 6. I've tried to find everywhere else but unlike the patriot you can only use vortech bags. Patriot you can buy 6 bags for 6 dollars. Now our service from Vortech has been excellent. I mean the selling dealer. They always return our call and always send bags as promised. So far they have send 36 at no charge. Im not sure why. They just keep saying thank you for your business and please tell your friends. Which I have. In fact we play bridge and 9 members of our group used to use the patriot product. Now they use a vortech xr. Fact is its just too heavy and the features are like owning a car with out power windows locks or ac. WE all have made the switch and love the machine. I'm sorry to hear that others have had bad service. I can say that there is good and bad in life. Some doctors are very good at what they do and others are just horrible. Just like car mechanics. Some can fix a car with their eyes closed. Others just throw parts at it until the problem is resolved. Fact is that if your going to make a decision to buy or not to buy on a forum like this. Do your self a favor. Take the car you drive everyday. Google the year, make, and model+complaints. Then look at the hundreds of pages of complaints. Did that stop you from buying? Of course not. You own that car. Fact is that 20 complaints on a vac that really have nothing to do with the vac stop you from buying then you need to get your head checked. I've seen the demo on both the vortech and patriot. Nothing cleans like these machines. Period. If you care about your health you'll throw out that Chinese polluter and buy some quality. Kirby,dyson,shark,filter queen, rainbow, and every other machine out there is a waste of money. If you want to clean the air along with the surfaces in your home only 2 machines will do that. Period. If you want your house to look clean and actually be clean then do yourself a favor. Buy a vortech or patriot. MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IS TO BUY A VORTECH. ITS lighter and easier to use. Both units you can negotiate price. The fact that thousands of machines have been sold and you can only find a few complaints is just Fantastic. I am a retired electrical engineer. These products are simply the only option if you want a clean home. The demonstration speaks for itself. Our rep filled the machine with 12lbs of sand and then showed us how the machine worked. On both the patriot and Vortech. There is not any other machine that can do that. Do yourself a favor. If you see one of these machines negotiate. There is markup in them. What we spend on cleaning I feel its worth every penny.

1c1b999b, 2014-01-23, 04:11PM CST

@CHARLES B. POST OF 2013-12-30

Was the company you dealt with in Clovis named Cal State Medical?

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