1999 Chevy Calvalier - how can steering problem be solved

Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2002 at 12:00am CST by fc572be6

Company: 1999 Chevy Calvalier - how can steering problem be solved

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1999 Chevy Calvalier - how can steering problem be solved

To who it may concern.

Hi my name is Sherry Moon, I own a 1999 Chevy Calvalier. For the past month my car has been making a humming sound when you push the gas pedal. I took the car 21/2 weeks ago to the Chevy dealer to see what the problem was.

They said they were not sure. They said they added power steering fluid to it. They also said it could be the Drive belt tensioner or the power steering pump going out on it. The service tech said they couldn' t tell just from the noise that the car was making. So they return my car unfixed. Two weeks later my steering started going in and out. Sometimes i would have steering and sometimes very little.

So i took my Calvalier back to the chevy service department. They told me the drive belt tensioner need to be replaced. They fixed the drive belt tensioner, they also said They were not able to duplicate trouble with veh.power steering sys. When i went to pick up my Veh. they told me to bring the car in as soon as the steering started and they would check it right away. They did not offer me another vehical.

I told the service tech i was affraid to drive it. He just said i understand. Also my paint has faded my dash is cracked in two places, also my carpet in the vehical has bald spots. The service department is willing to fix all the defects. My question is what do you do about the steering problem, that can't seem to be resolved.

Thank you

Sherry moon


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