Charming Fashions - Charming Fashions, Brooklyn, NY - poor service, no refund policy not posted or explained

Posted on Tuesday, January 1st, 2002 at 12:00am CST by 1a01a351

Company: Charming Fashions

Location: 993 Flatbush Avenue

Category: Stores, Shopping

On December 24, 2001, my husband went to Charming Fashions and purchased two women's pantsuits. One in a size ex-large in black and one in a size large in brown. My husband states that he explained to Ms. June Lee, owner of the store, that he wanted to purchase a Christmas present for me; however, he was not sure about my size; since I just had a baby.

Once explaining this to Ms. June Lee; she proceeded to help my husband find a suitable Christmas present.

However, when my husband could not decide whether to purchase the black pantsuit or the brown pantsuit; Ms. Lee suggested that my husband purchase both pantsuits and return the pantsuit that did not fit me and get his money refunded. On December 28, 2001, my husband and I went to charming Fashion and informed Ms. June Lee that neither pantsuit fit.

She asked me to look around the store for another outfit; I did and could not find anything in the store. So my husband and I asked Ms. Lee to return our money; she claimed that our receipt stated "No Refunds; only Store Credit".

I looked at the receipt, which is a plan white piece of paper with the purchase amount, date of purchase and stamped on the back was the name and address of the store. No other writing. I asked her to show me where the words "No Refunds" were in writing.

My husband and I looked around the store, the front door, the windows, the walls, around and about the cash register and no signs or writings to mention "No Refunds; only Store Credit" would be found. Ms. Lee then claimed that her store was located in Flatbush Avenue and no stores in Flatbush returned any monies. Therefore, that was also her practice.

She then gave us a lay-away ticket sub and claimed that we had a "Store Credit of $110. She then asked my husband and I to leave the store and called over her employee (tall, thin black male, who was verbally abusive).


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