AOL - AOL - purchased Dell PC with 6 month trial - trouble with account cancellation

Posted on Wednesday, February 26th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 754a4a85

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

I also am having trouble with aol. I purchased a dell computer. When i received the computer i had a free 6 month trial. I had my boyfriend install and set up the computer so i was unaware of the cancellation process. Shortly before the six months was up, i went in to the computer and uninstalled the AOL program. I did not realize until i received my credit card statement that i wasn't cancelled.

I called up on February 2nd, 2003 and informed the customer service representative of the misunderstanding. He was very nice(i thought) and he informed me that they would credit my account. I requested he cancel my account that day. He told me that they would go ahead and give me a credit for 4 months free, but that i needed to call them back before July and they would close my account. Well today i received another credit card statement and they have charged my account again on February 12,2003. I was outraged, this charge was 10 days after i called them to close my account.

When i called customer service, they informed me that they attempted to charge my card 4 times between January 29,2003 and February 12,2003 when they eventually forced the charge through. In there own words they forced the charge. They refused to credit my account back. I called my credit card company and filed a charge of fraud with them. They attempted to call AOL when i was on the line but they still refused to issue a credit. They even stated i had used the account today because i had attempted to get this resolved through the computer without waiting on the phone for 30 minutes.

This of course i was unsuccessful at. They are committing fraud and getting away with it. They have informed me that even if my credit card company issues the money back to my account they will seek collections for the 23.80. Is there anything i can do? I haven't used AOL for anything other than the email from the time i received it. I pay the extra money for DSL because of the terrible service with AOL. I guess the only way they have any money coming in, is by charging customers after they cancel their service.


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