ShopNBC / Viscom Technologies Group inc. - ongoing, unresolved problems with PC

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Company: ShopNBC / Viscom Technologies Group inc. - ongoing, unresolved problems with PC

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RE: ShopNBC / Viscom Technologies Group inc. - ongoing, unresolved problems with PC

I forgot to add, per your web site is their e-mail address...

COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_65838# post this complaint, as you do others, for consumers to view...Thank-you...Bill

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From: Willie


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Sent: Saturday, February 22, 2003 5:12 PM

Subject: Fw: ShopNBC / Viscom Technologies Group inc.

I sent you (& Viscom) this complaint on 2/20/03 @ your address of COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_61537#, and recently got a reply from Viscom stating that they would "submit" my request for a return...I will keep you posted as to the status of this issue, and their handling, or lack of handling of this...since their reply stating this "Submission of request", I have sent "at least" 2 e-mails, and have heard nothing...Bill

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From: Willie


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Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2003 12:15 PM

Subject: ShopNBC / Viscom Technologies Group inc.

I would like some advice/help in dealing with an ongoing problem...I have documentation (Too much to add here, but when needed I have it all)...basically, I purchased a computer system from ShopNBC, which arrived on 12/24/02...The memory card reader was not working, so I was advised to send the tower back(I had to pay the shipping by a mistake not of my own, and was told I could not be reimbursed)...this computer system has a 30 day no questions asked return policy...I received the new tower, and card reader was still not working Viscom sent me a new card reader, which I installed...problem still existed, but not as bad...I had to drive 7 miles each way to UPS to send back the old reader, as I did with the tuner card not working properly...they sent me a new card, and a technician of their choice came to my house to replace...problem still exists, and their technician said there was a deeper internal problem...I, once again, drove to UPS to send back old tv card...

Thru NUMEROUS e mails, calls, and with much frustration involved, not to mention my time spent, these issues have still not been resolved...Viscom has done everything in their power, I will admit, but that does not help in the remaining FACT that There are still problems not solved...My 30 days has passed, but I believe that I have been strung along and still do not have a complete working system...I want to return this to them, but have not received a one should have to go thru any of this with a $2100 system that is new...especially when their own technician has told me that things are not right internally...

I have gone above and beyond what any person should have to, but I wanted to do everything I could to cooperate...and I have nothing to show for it but a filing cabinet folder full of correspondence...Below, find the latest/last correspondence between Viscom & myself...Please help me to get this resolved...I want to send this system back, and I believe I have a right(even though I am past the 30 days-there are good reasons why)...Thank-you...Regards...Bill Cooley

Bill Cooley

Kalamazoo, MI. 49001

I am glad you have not responded back, because I would like to add the following information to help clarify exactly what I was asking below...The technician that YOU sent, said that what he observed was not normal...He went into "Windows Task Mgr.", Clicked "Performance" tab, and on the "CPU Usage", noticed that when "WinDVR" was opened, a "Spike" appeared and stayed at 53%...when "Record" was clicked, "CPU Usage" went to 100% and stayed...he said this is NOT normal, and meant that the WinDVR was "Robbing" from the available processor memory...he also claimed that the % rate should be in the range of 40-50%...The following is a two part question...

first, is there a problem that should be corrected to solve this(should this be happening?-spiking to 100% of available power-we tried shutting down all unnecessary items running, with no differance) since not only did your technician you sent say this is NOT normal, but COULD POSSIBLY be the cause of the origional problem (please check your records for that information), and, second, will installing an independant video card solve this "Robbing" of the Processor, with enough of a certainty, that it is worth me pursuing, and spending the money to do so (or should you be responsible for this, since YOUR TECHNICIAN said THIS IS NOT NORMAL)...

Is there a problem with all of your systems in this "Spiking" area, or do I have a Lemon?...P L E A S E...I need closure to this nightmare I have had with this computer...I have to laugh (NOT REALLY LAUGH) everytime I see "Jim" the owner of your company on ShopNBC, saying how great this system is...PLEASE check the extensive file history regarding the problems I have experienced since December one is more sorry than I, for having to continually contact you and complain...I have good reason...this is rediculous!!! I have NEVER had this many problems with any products, EVER...I am 51 years young, and this tops ANYTHING I have ever seen...

Please pass this on to Zach, and reply...I am ready to return this, and buy locally...the only reason I am past the 30 day limit, is because of receiving another tower, another Memory chip reader, and been made promises person should have to go thru any of this for this long, for a NEW PRODUCT...Please pass this on to "Jim", as you would any "Praise" e mail...I am totally dissatisfied, and would like you to consider allowing me to return this, and buy locally (even if I have to pay more)...or, RESOLVE THESE ISSUES...Please respond......Bill

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From: Willie

To: Support

Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 1:45 PM

Subject: Re: Bill Cooley...PH: 269-226-9112

Thanks for answering that part of the question, but can you please answer the other part...what is your opinion of the spiking PROBLEM when trying to record...the technician said this was extreme, and not normal...also, will installing a video card(by a qualified technician) eliminate this problem, and the extreme useage of cpu memory, making it worth doing?...Bill

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From: Support

To: Willie

Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 12:25 PM

Subject: Re: Bill Cooley...PH: 269-226-9112

You can install a new video card in your computer without voiding your warranty, however, you would need to have it installed by a certified technician.

Thank You,

Viscom Technical Support


Please include the name and phone number of the person that the computer was purchased under along with your emails so we can properly identify you.

Have you extended your warranty? Ask us about our two year, extended warranty!

For customers after December 1st 2001:

Have you tried your digital lifeline software yet? This software should be initiated before any email or call for support as it can help you easily resolve issues without the need for support. For any questions or if you are missing your copy of digital lifeline visit and select contact. Please be sure to fill out your full name with phone number and all requested info. You can also call 1-800-877-7933.

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From: Willie

To: Viscom Support

Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 11:28 AM

Subject: Bill Cooley...PH: 269-226-9112

I received my TV card, and the technician arrived, and installed...problem still exists...he went into Windows task mgr., & performance, and you can see a spike up to 100% when trying to record from the tv card...he said this is because the video card is incorporated into the motherboard (it is using a shared cpu memory with other things in the system as a whole by being installed this way-32MB is what it uses), this new system does not have a "Card" like my old one does (64MB Video Card)...there is a place on the motherboard of the new system (Yours) for a video card, and he says this would free up that 32MB of memory use if there was a way to disable the built in (Bios) video, and install the card from my other system...

he wasn't totally sure if it could be disabled, but he thought so...If this will void my warranty, I may wait to take any action, but my question is: is there a way to disable the built in video "Card", and install a CARD which would free up this memory, and possibly solve this problem(see previous records you have for details of exact problem experienced which led to where we are today, or see Zach at your facility) but the technician that came to my house said that the system should not go above 40-50% of cpu usage, and like I said, it is spiking to 100%...any thoughts on this?...Thanks...Bill

Bill Cooley

I am shipping Replaced tv card back to you today VIA UPS with label you supplied;

Tracking #: 1Z 585 E62 90 4894 0800

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a56a4304, 2008-05-26, 03:06PM CDT

Sorry to hear about your situation. That's just too long for an unfixed problem to go on. I'm trying to return a tv that was sent to me on 5/14/08 because there was a crack on the frame of the lcd screen. Anyway, this incident was reported to UPS 1 hour after they delivered it to me because Shop NBC was already closed for the day. ShopNBC contacted me the day after telling me not to have ups pick it up because I would have to pay the shipping costs. It's a long and crappy story so....good luck to you..

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