Starbucks - Starbucks, Victoria, B.C., Canada - most stores don't have change tables for babies

Posted on Saturday, February 22nd, 2003 at 12:00am CST by f7979f4b

Company: Starbucks

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Hi there

I am a big Starbucks fan. I usually go to a Starbucks at least once a day. Recently I had a baby. Now that I have a baby I noticed that most of your stores in the Victoria, B.C. area do not have change tables for babies. This is really disappointing.

Last weekend I was in Vancouver, B.C. and went to the Starbucks at the Granville Market. I thought I would have to change my daughter on the floor once again. I walked into the washroom and the floor was really dirty.

I held my daughter in one arm while I put down paper towel on the floor with the other and then put her blanket over top. Obviously the bigger cities don't have change tables either.

I am sure that the change tables that are in other stores are inexpensive to buy. I am hoping that Starbuck will consider installing changed tables in there washrooms.

Thanks Lesley

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83236bc7, 2008-03-13, 05:31PM CDT

Starbucks is not just selling coffee, it sells a style, and atmosphere within the Starbucks store. Starbucks doesn't want this atmosphere to be disturbed by the sound of crying babies. Classy.

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