Pass Pets pet store - Pass Pets pet store, Springfield, IL - purchased puppy that had Parvo and died

Posted on Friday, February 21st, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 9bb1f3af

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I stumbled across your webpage while trying to find the head corporate office of the Pet Store I bought my dog from. I couldn't find it but I need to tell you my story so others don't make the same mistake.

I bought this sad little puppy from a Pass Pets Pet Store in the Springfield Illinois mall, for my Husband who was hit by a drunken driver a while back and is recovering from his 3rd surgery, I thought if we took care of this sweet little puppy and gave it lots of love, than it would take our minds off of his ongoing medical concerns.

I had no Idea how bad this situation would get though, all I was doing was rescuing a silky terrier puppy from a sad state of conditions. (no blankets for the dog to lay on, just a wire grate to stand on and defecate and urinate through to a drainage system, no clean food and little water, she was huddled in a corner shaking, etc...) When I brought her home she huddled in my coat for hours, wouldn't eat or drink, play or bark. Her eyes were a mess and her tummy bloated.

She started to perk up for a little while and actually started to behave like a normal puppy would but only for a day. We tried to make sure she had the best and healthiest food, water and chew toys and other toys and bedding we could find. We went all out to try and make her happy. I took her to the Pet Stores vet to activate the warranty on her.

They did a two second once over and that was all, said she had "new puppy syndrome" and weepy eyes and that was normal for her breed and did nothing else for her. I still didn't feel she was right and took her to our family Vet. By this time she wasn't eating, playing, barking had diarrhea and vomiting and was depressed again. Our family Vet gave her meds and shots to make her well, and if not better in 8 hours to take her to his animal hospital. She didn't get better and got worse and had to be admitted to the animal hospital and was discovered to Parvo. They did all they could to save her, but she died at the animal hospital.

I told the pet store what happened, and that they needed to get their other dogs checked and quarantine them. I did get promised a refund for the puppy to come via mail, but as of this date I have yet to receive it. I was told that they would not pay the animal hospital bill as I was reprimanded for not taking her back to "their" Vet, but told if I took another dog from them they would pay for "half of the vet hospital bill. I love animals and I would never take my animals to a Vet I didn't trust or felt they had my pets best interest at heart or felt they cared for my pets (not mention that the nearest vet they listed was over 40 min. from my house and every person I knew in my town said that they had similar problems with that vet.) So now this is a VERY sad and VERY expensive lesson we had to learn.

Our house is now under quarantine, I had to sterilize my house, take my other pets to our family Vet to make sure they were okay, my Family is now VERY depressed AND the pet store is still selling sick dogs knowing that my dog had Parvo there. 2 days after our puppy died one of my friends wrote a letter to the editor of our local Newspaper, after it was printed she received 3 phone calls from people in our area who had or were experiencing the same situation. 2 of the callers who I spoke with bought a puppy in the past two weeks from the same Pass Pets pet store and they are both at the vet hospital now with Parvo.

The in-pet store staff seemed very concerned and sad this happened, when I talked to them when I took the puppy to the Vet. Although the problem is mostly out of there hands as I was told by their manager. It is the Corporate offices that dictates how the store runs its businesses and they don't seem to care a damn about the trouble and sadness they cause unaware customers, since why should they? They don't ever have to talk to them. They just send unresolving messages through their workers who's hands are tied. By the way I also checked the puppy's pedigree info and papers that were given to me and I can't find the breeder listed anywhere!

The Hunte Corporation is the maker of the pedigree chart and is also the puppy broker who supplies the puppies to the pet store and the paper says the puppy's parents are AKC registered, but if that was true wouldn't I be able to find the breeder listed or able to call her? I called information in the state and town of the breeder and the name was listed as "unknown". Also just another quick note, if my poor little puppy had lived she would have had to live with some genetic defects that were discovered by the vet that are un-related to the Parvo.

A sign to me she came from a puppy mill, I was told by the staff (asst. manager) that she didn't come from a puppy mill.

We may never own another dog again as this experience was way to heart breaking for me and my family to experience and a terrible lesson to learn with our first time owning a dog, But... if we ever decided to try it again I would carefully check out a reputable breeder or a breed rescue and NEVER, NEVER buy a dog from a pet store again!



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a1b5354d, 2009-10-11, 05:53PM CDT

I would agree about the puppy mill comment. I bought 2 puppies from the same store a year apart. Both were very sick when we took them to the vet. One had kennels cough and the other was only one pound which is severely under size and weight then the normal for the breed. I lived too far away to take either to their vet, so I waived their free vet check and had them checked out at my personal vet. Our vet actually contacted them about the first pup and they reduced the price of that I owed on the dog. That second one got so sick that our personal vet thought she would die. Fortunately both puppies are alive and well, but I will not buy from there again either.

01cd6fef, 2010-04-25, 10:51PM CDT

WOW have you people ever heard of ADOPTING animals?! you know homeless animals that were abandoned by their owners or animals who were rescued from horrible situations!? there are these things called non-profit rescue groups and what they do is foster homeless animals until they are adopted. the adoption fee goes to the caring of the other animals....not a puppy mill which is what you contributed to. thank you so much!

anon y., 2013-09-07, 04:48PM CDT

Adopt your pets from rescue organizations or the Humane society etc. No mall stores, let this be a lesson!

edit* if you HAVE to have a pure breed dog, contact the breeder BEFORE you buy it.....

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