Starbucks - Starbucks, O'hare Airport, United Terminal, Chicago, IL - didn't like taste of Caramel Macchiato - used vanilla instead of caramel

Posted on Thursday, February 20th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by fc9be086

Company: Starbucks

Category: Restaurants, Bars

I was at your store at Ohare airport in Chicago. I wanted a Caramel Macchiato. When I got it, it was the nastiest thing I have ever drank. I took it back they made me another one. Is was just as bad. I told them to just forget it. I didn't even get my money back.

The young lady brought me another one. It was still awful. She told me they had to use vanilla instead of caramel. This was the Starbucks by United Airlines. You really need to take care of this matter. Taht drink was my favorite. But if this is what I have to go through everytime then I won't be visiting your stores again.

Thank You,

Leona A. Hollingshead

I forgot 1 thing, When I took it back the first time the young man said."Damn there's nothing wrong with that."

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312f074e, 2010-07-11, 10:48PM CDT

Okay first of all, I have worked at a Starbucks for the last two years. The Caramel macchiato is one of the most complicated drinks to make and people nearly always mess it up when they order, or have no idea what goes in it. Let me clarify for you and anyone else who would like to know. A Caramel macchiato (which is pronounced with a "K" sound not a "ch" sound) is made with pumps of vanilla syrup(number depending on the size), steamed milk, 1/4 inch foam and one or two shots of espresso(again depending on sizes), topping off with caramel sauce. So there is going to be vanilla in your drink. Next time ask for you money back instead of being passive aggressive and be happy that the barista even made you a third one, I would have either offered you a different drink or your money back and sent you on your way down to Dunkin Donuts.

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