Craftmatic Bed - Craftmatic Bed - king size, adjustable with vibration controls and heated blankets - didn't receive promotational TV with bed purchase - unhappy with bed, but not allowed return or refund - told all sales are final

Posted on Monday, February 17th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 60e68f31

Company: Craftmatic Bed

Category: Furniture

For the past year, I had been thinking about purchasing a Craftmatic Bed due to a very bad back. I had seen several advertisements for "30 days in-home" use; a free TV; and many other promotions.

When I sold my home in December, I decided to buy a Craftmatic Bed. The salesman came over; and looking at several kinds, I decided on a "king-size" adjustable Craftmatic Bed" complete with the vibration controls and heated blankets.

Approximately 3 weeks after delivery (it could have been sooner); I called the company and told them that this bed was not working out for me; and could they please come and pick it up. I am on 100% disability because of various kinds of "diseases" in my back; and I was waking up in the mornings in extreme pain.

The original cost of this bed was $8,000.00. However, the salesman gave me a percentage off because I paid for it in full at the time of sale. I NEVER RECEIVED A TV! I NEVER RECEIVED ANY TYPE OF OTHER PROMOTION!!!

The lady I spoke with was extremely rude; and told me that "all sales are final!" She also told me to look at my contract. Unfortunately, there is was - "all sales final."

I have never known any company to not "back up their products." I ended up paying (cash) almost $4700 for this bed and I cannot sleep in it.

The lady in the sales office was rude; after the sale they don't want to hear from you. My advise to anyone who is considering purchasing a Craftmatic Bed to MAKE SURE THAT YOU KNOW THAT "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" - NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

Also, don't expect any TV or any other promotion - based on my experience - they didn't come through with their promises.

OH yes - one other thing; the day I received my bed, I was given a piece of paper to write down three (3) names of people that may be interested in this type of bed. I was promised a "gift" for calling within 48 hours. I called; gave the names; and never received a gift.

A copy of this letter is going to every single organization I can think of. When you pay out that kind of money, you truly need to be "happy with the product." I have DDD (degenerative disk disease); three disk herniations; crushed disk in my neck; arthritis; spinal stenosis - and many other very painful problems.

That was NOT a problem that I needed!




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