Atlas Van Lines - Atlas Van Lines, Evansville, IL / Guardian Moving & Storage, Indianapolis, IN - expensive househould furnishings damaged during move to Las Vegas - trouble making damage claim

Posted on Saturday, February 15th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by d7315d4b

Company: Atlas Van Lines

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I don't know the address in Las Vegas, but Guardian Moving and Storage in Indianapolis, IN moved us to Las Vegas. And the Las Vegas Movers unloaded us. Both have a role in this disaster. Atlas Van Lines 1213 St. George Road Box 509 Evansville, In 47703-0509, Guardian Moving and Storage 1113 S. Franklin Road Indianapolis, IN 46239 I think Atlas Van Lines' web site is:

We moved from Indianapolis to Las Vegas and hired Atlas Van Lines to move our fine antiques and other household furnishings. We took out full value replacement cost and we were told if anything became damaged they would replace it. I was concerned about some of our expensive antiques and if anything was broken we would want it replaced NOT repaired. The Atlas representative told me that is why we should take out the extra coverage. We never received a Bill of Lading until AFTER our second delivery, but we never got the first one until months later.

We requested the weight confirmation since we were charged more than the quote and my request was ignored. They made false statements about the condition of our furniture as having preexisting damage, yet some of the pieces they claimed were damaged, had no damage on them at all! So, I think if they make statements that everything had some sort of damage, they could avoid paying for their damages. I told them about this and they had a furniture repair company assess the damage and take pictures of the undamaged furniture and damaged furniture.

He agreed with most of our claim, yet when Atlas sent their settlement offer it was not even close to the actual amount! Atlas also ignored the false statements made about our inventory. They call it 'overinventorying' and agreed that it was wrong, yet they never responded to this. I requested a copy of the report and they refused to give it to me.

Atlas claims they are not responsible for 'climate' changes, yet they told me they could move fine antiques. If that were the case, they should have told me the heat was hot enough to melt my candles (it happened) This environment is not good for antiques, yet this was never disclosed. Not only did Atlas misrepresent themselves in terms of having expertise moving antiques....they jammed the drawers and cabinets of several pieces causing them to break apart. Our damages are around $30,000 and Atlas offered only $3500 less deductible! Here are the reasons they did not pay: 1. climate 2. Preexisting 3. Couldn't prove it was caused by transit damage

Apparently, the movers were supposed to document every item that was damaged as it came off the truck. Even though we and they pointed them out, they never wrote anything down. At the end of the day, I asked them to at least write a note about the myriad of problems and the foreman did. Since he did not itemize everything on the inventory sheet, there is no evidence there was transit damage! We even called Atlas the day of the move and they told us just to send the claim in and they would cover it! They never told us to make sure the movers documented everything on their inventory sheets.

We paid an additional $2500 for a replacement cost policy on top of around $11,000 for the move. They told me they knew how to move antiques, yet they stuffed them full of heavy boxes and bounced them across the country in a very hot and overstuffed van.

My expensive candle collection melted but there were no caveats in their brochure about not moving them, yet they are not responsible for the loss! I sent a claim in after waiting for several weeks for them to send me a claim form and for some reason they never got the claim! I had to email it after I eventually discovered they never got it.

If I accepted a their small settlement with the hopes of recovering the rest later, forget it. You have to release them forever. You don't even have the right to sue them because there is a mandatory arbitration that is run by the moving industry! How fair is that 'trial' going to be?!


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