1998 Yamaha GP 1200 - 1998 Yamaha GP 1200 - $ 1,700 repair bill after only 80 hours of use

Posted on Friday, February 14th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by 6f40b92f

Company: 1998 Yamaha GP 1200

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Yes I Complained, no they did not compensate me, they charged me $500.00 to get my waverunner back. They said it would have blown no matter what, they said it had water damage, what ever that means? Cost to fix as of now $1700.00 , waverunner has only 80hrs of use. Thats right I have paid so far $9200.00 for 80 hrs. waverunner new was $7500.00 What A Ripoff!!!

In May of 1999 I bought my second Yamaha WaveRunner, A new GP 1200! That summer I took it back to Boyer Bouat Sales for A meter problem 4 times. Two years later same problem I call Yamaha to see if I can take it to different dealer and they complied and the meter problem was fixed.

When I picked up my waverunner from Yamaha of Camp Hill PA, they said it had hydro locked and wanted to rebuild the carbs, I let them it cost me $500.00! Then Yamaha Of Camp Hill took it out for a "Test Ride" and blew my engine up!!

They said sorry it's not our fault and literally gave me back my GP1200 back in 4 boxes. Yamaha did nothing about this!! This is the truth about a 1998 Yamaha GP1200 WAVERUNNER with to this day only 80hrs of use!!!

This is my sad truth about YAMAHA ,




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37d6d7cd, 2007-12-07, 12:36AM CST

Any jet ski no matter what should have a top end freshen up (new pistons and rings)at about or close to 100 hours, the carbys should also be done. I am an owner of 1998 gp1200 that has done 130 hours, i have rebuilt my top end (pisons and rings) twice before 100 houres (40 hours)and (80 hours), i am now in the process of rebuilding the full engine (new crank, pistons and rings, rebuilt carbys)the watercraft has had no problems so far. Dont critisize yamahas gp1200 as it is a very good watercraft, and if you were scared about spending money on your watercraft then you should have bought a canoe. Jet skiing is an expensive sport so stop your whinging. Yamaha has the best watercraft on the market so get of what ever drugs you are on. Regards, very happy gp1200 owner.

cd8ab084, 2008-04-29, 11:59AM CDT

I think the biggest question that needs to be asked and that was not addressed in the oroginal complaint is, was the proper break-in procedure performed? Proper break-in of a new motor can be the difference in a motor lasting 50 hours or less or running for many, many trouble-free hours.

I owned a 98 GP1200 as well and it was good to me. I wound up buying a boat (mistake there). I'm planning to buy another of the same line. Don't get too spooked. It could have been a common mistake that caused the problem. Many people just assume they can jump on a go.

d8744da1, 2008-05-03, 01:09PM CDT

i can relate. i have a 2002 xlt800 with less than 100 hours on it and it has had engine work done on it 3 times. now the back cylinder shows no compression and yamaha could care less. i do not understand their attitude.

77ce0387, 2008-06-27, 06:53AM CDT

I to think yamaha set these engines up way to lean and require way to much major upkeep for something you buy as a cruiser (xlt1200) I see way to many issuea including my own with low hour piston issues...to me the 1200 as delivered is a lemon, because the first time you start it up, is just like pulling the pin !!! is not a matter of if...just when

c68cdb1c, 2008-08-18, 08:20AM CDT

rebuiling a waverunner at 50 hours is like rebuilding a car at 3500 miles. that is ridiculus.

97e64d89, 2009-07-06, 04:09PM CDT

You think this is bad? I have a 2006 Yamaha Waverunner FX High Output with just 28 hours on it. It has been properly maintained and has NOT been abused at all. It threw a rod through the side of the motor block the other day and Yamaha just told me that the warranty has expired and they will not cover it. Their suggestion was to take it to the dealer and have them call their tech and they MAY cover part of it. IF they decide not to then everything will have to be paid out of my pocket.

Quick recap: Blown engine, 28 hours of use, pretty much told that I was on my own...

54028c12, 2010-07-27, 08:36PM CDT

I am another very happy GP1200 owner!! Rebuilt engine ground up mostly stock (for dependability) I also wrench on Yamaha PWC, Bikes, you name it. By far a superior product. Go buy a Kawasuki or Sea Dont and get back to me, and no offense but you sound like the typical whinny dumb ass customer that lets someone ride there equipment (like little Jimmy)-then he swampped it, etc. I like the suggestion of a canoe (cant go wrong there)!!! NO better (for reliability) than the 1997-1999 Yamaha GP1200. Believe that!!!

55a403ec, 2011-05-23, 10:44PM CDT

Hello. I have owned 3 yamaha 800 waverunners. all three blowed the motor before they reached 100 hours. I am 49 years old drive them about twiced a month. They are wiped off and returned the the building afterwards. My questions is why did all three blow so soon. the valve got into the side of the piston and burned the piston and scared the walls when the valved pulled the rings out or off the piston. It cost me 1200.00 dollars at a time to fix them. Is anyone else had this problem or did I just get the ones build on Friday. At this monent I am fileing a conplaint with the Goverment to persue a fix at Yamaha's cost for the repairs on this last one.


Middle Tennessee

16b3a17e, 2012-07-18, 08:16PM CDT

I can give you a heads up about yamaha. I bought 2 yamaha vx cruisers 2009 mod. with 8 hrs. on them. The silver one developed a high pitch noise at 34 hrs. I took it to an authorized dealer as yamaha suggested. I was told by the dealer that a rubber seal had leaked

(but they could not explain why). They said the water caused the pump and all the bearings to go bad, causing the drive shaft to warp. This caused the impellar duct and impeller to all go bad.yamaha said since it was out of warranty the would only give me TWO GOOD FAITH HOURS OF HEPL ON THE REPAIR. My part of the repair came to $1,694.46. My advise buy SEADO or some other brand of water craft. Remember it only had 34 hrs on it when the damage occured.

7481a9f8, 2014-07-01, 09:34PM CDT

I don't know what all the whining is about. I own a 1999 GP 1200. Engine has 330 hours and has never been rebuilt. Compression on each piston after all those hours is perfect 100 psi. The only things rebuilt were the carbs last year 2013. The other thing I fix myself was the jet pump, because the impeller swallow a rope from some fool with a boat that left it in the water, Anyway that being done, have had no problems, maybe this end of season Ill throw in new pistons and have the cylinders redone. I just bought a brand new FX Sho will see how well it will hold up. Bottom line is maintenance at the proper time and stop using cheap gasoline. Like someone said is an expensive hobby. I just wish there was a way to quiet it down.

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