2002 Ford Ranger - 2002 Ford Ranger - skidded into a ditch and rolled vehicle - air bags did not deploy

Posted on Wednesday, February 12th, 2003 at 12:00am CST by d08fc54c

Company: 2002 Ford Ranger

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In Oct. of 2001, my husband and I bought a Ford Ranger 2002. In Jan. 2003, I received some serious injuries when the anti-lock brakes locked up and the truck went into a skid and hit the ditch and overturned several times. This particular truck had been in the shop 14 times in the 15 months I owned it for a total of over 3 months that it was in the shop and I was unable to drive it. The throttle kept sticking open, Republic Ford-which is where I purchased the truck told me they could fined nothing wrong with the truck and not to bring it back to their shop.

I called customer service at Ford and was told someone would be back in touch with me. I made approximately 5 more of these calls to Ford customer service and was told the same thing repeatedly. NO ONE ever called me back. The truck had been in the shop twice for the brakes before the wreck. In fact Monday, Jan. 6, 2003 it was in the shop for the brakes and I was told they could find nothing wrong with the brakes, but on the day of the wreck the antilock brakes locked up sending the truck into a skid. During the wreck neither one of the airbags went off.

The truck had been in the shop approximately 3 months before the wreck because the airbag sensor had to be replaced. I have all the shop records for every this truck was in the shop. Do to the brakes locking up and the airbags not going off I received torn muscles in my back, chest and shoulders. I had a big bruise on my stomach, a black eye, and the whole left side of my head was purple, including my ear. My diamond stud was bent in half. I had several bruises and cuts on my head, one of which took 6 staples to close. My right hand was broken and the muscles and tendons on my right thumb was severed from the bone. I already have over $10,000 in medical bills and more to go.

I no longer have a vehicle to drive because I was making payments on this truck and it still has to be paid for. How am I going to be able to afford to replace it? I have not been able to work so I do not have the money for the down payment and I could not afford 2 truck payments if I did have the down payment. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant, I have to continue wearing a cast until at least March 12,2003. How am I going to do my job with a cast on?

I firmly believe that Ford in more ways than one is responsible for the situation I am currently in. I just wanted the truck fixed but I was treated like I was imagining everything that was wrong with this truck. I would like Ford to explain how I imagined the brakes locking up, the skid marks, and why the air bags did not deplore.


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